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Get Excited Lucky Charms Lovers, You Can Now Buy Lucky Charms Ice Cream

Lucky Charms is hands down the best cereal of all time. I'm always down for pancakes, sausage, and bacon, but sometimes I'll choose a bowl of Lucky Charms cereal over a homecooked breakfast. That says a lot! Seriously, who passes up Cracker Barrel over a bowl of marshmallows? Me! Now it looks like I'll be choosing Lucky Charms ice cream over a homemade pie.

That's right, I thought Pillsbury hit the jackpot with Lucky Charms sugar cookie dough, but it looks like there's a new Lucky Charms dessert for us to obsess over. This vanilla ice cream will be full of Lucky Charms marshmallows, so grab your cereal bowl and add a few scoops of ice cream instead.

Lucky Charms cereal makes the best tastin' cereal milk of all time. (Well, maybe Cinnamon Toast Crunch does). If cereal residue can get me to drink an entire bowl of whole milk, then I know this frozen dairy dessert will have a permanent spot in my freezer.

Be on the lookout for Lucky Charms cereal at your local grocery stores. Until then, stock up on your staple Lucky Charms products through Amazon.

Lucky Charms Gluten Free, Breakfast Cereal, Large Size, 14.9 Oz

A box of Lucky Charms is a pantry staple.

Lucky Charms Marshmallow Treats, 8 Cereal Bars, 6.8 oz Box

Enjoy your favorite cereal in treat form! Take one on the go for a marshmallow-flavored treat.

Medley Hills Farm Cereal Marshmallows 1 lb

The possibilities are endless with dehydrated marshmallows. You can make Lucky Charms cupcakes, homemade ice cream, and cookies. I recommend putting a few in your coffee or hot chocolate.

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