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Adorable Indiana Couple Visited Every Cracker Barrel Location

Remember Ray and Wilma Yoder? We sure do. The elderly couple became internet-famous when news broke out of their intent to visit every Cracker Barrel in the country. Well, now they made it. In 2017,  the then 80-year-old Indiana couple made their final stop at the Cracker Barrel Tualatin, Ore. location on Monday, Aug. 28. This comes after decades of traveling the states to locations new and old alike to dine on their favorite meals. As it turns out, the secret to a happy marriage and a long life is traveling the country to dine on meatloaf, blueberry pancakes and chicken sandwiches!

Yet, the Yoders almost didn't have the opportunity to reach their goal together. The couple's daughter, Doris Copenhaver, stated that Wilma was "here by a miracle" following a brain aneurysm in 2015. In the end, though, Wilma recovered and she and her husband were able to complete their mission of visiting all 645 American Cracker Barrel locations.

The Yoders didn't always have the intention of visiting every Cracker Barrel in the states, however. Their trek began around four decades ago, but back then they didn't yet establish their vision. Ray was working with an RV manufacturing center back in the day, delivering vehicles to buyers around the country. Looking for a place to eat in Nashville, he eventually decided on Cracker Barrel.

The chain didn't impress him at first, but he continued eating there until he began to love it. Its ubiquitous presence off every highway in America had made it a home away from home for him. This acted as the basis for Ray and Wilma's cross-country adventures before they knew it!

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Now that they've accomplished their goals, where might Ray and Wilma head next, you ask? While the couple stated that they were set to enjoy their retirement together, they're going to be there whenever a new Cracker Barrel opens its doors.

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