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Cracker Barrel is Opening a New Biscuit Sandwich Chain

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Cracker Barrel is bringing its beloved biscuits to a brand new level with a new chain of restaurants.

The first location of Holler & Dash Biscuit House is set to open in Homewood, Ala. later this month. The fast-casual concept restaurant hopes to target a younger, more fast-paced market with its innovative menu and quick service style.

"With its biscuit-inspired menu that pays tribute to the South in an innovative and modern way, Holler & Dash was created to extend our reach into urban [areas] and attract new audiences," Cracker Barrel CEO Sandy Cochran said, according to Business Insider.

Although exact details on the eatery are scarce, the menu will reportedly feature a variety of savory and sweet biscuit sandwiches. The "Chicken Holler" sandwich will be served with fried chicken, pickles and cheese, while the simplistic "Jam" biscuit will come smothered in chocolate and jelly.

The concept of Holler & Dash follows the success of other artisan biscuit houses across the country, like Nashville's Biscuit Love, which attracts long lines of hungry customers each day.

So far, there have been no additional Holler & Dash openings announced for the future. Biscuit lovers will just have to keep their fingers crossed that these decadent biscuits will make their way across the country sooner rather than later.

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Cracker Barrel is Opening a New Biscuit Sandwich Chain