Pillsbury Just Added a New Limited-Edition Flavor, and It Involves Lucky Charms

Lucky charms cereal was everything to me as a child. Forget the grains that looked like cat food, all I wanted was Lucky Charms marshmallows. Thankfully, there's copy cat Lucky Charms marshmallows you can buy in bulk! I thought my dreams came true then, but Pillsbury added Lucky Charms marshmallows to their sugar cookie dough and I've been obsessing over it since.

The Lucky Charms Cookie Dough is available at Walmart. The limited-edition Pillsbury Lucky Charms Cookie Dough packs won't last long! If you can't find them in stock at your local Walmart, keep checking for them! These Lucky Charms cookie dough packs come with 12 big cookies.

Pillsbury Cookies Lucky Charms 12ct

Since we can all agree the marshmallow bits are the best thing about about Lucky Charms, we know that Pillsbury has a winner. I'm a big fan of Pillsbury's chocolate chip cookies. I bake at least a dozen cookies every week. I know, big yikes to my health goals, but they are truly addicting! Have you tried vanilla ice cream with Pillsbury cookies? If not, you're missing out. It definitely beats Oreo flavored ice cream.

Pillsbury cookie dough makes the best chewy treats! Whether you enjoy them with milk or ice cream (or raw occasionally), you somehow always find yourself picking up a pack or Pillsbury cookie dough. They have a variety of Ready to Bake sugar cookies that pair perfectly with our favorite holidays. What's Christmas without Pillsbury's Santa and Christmas tree sugar cookies?

I have to say, Pillsbury might have created some fun cookies to bring to St. Patrick's Day parties. If you don't get your hands on these Lucky Charms Cookies, no worries. I suggest making your own batch. Grab all the necessary ingredients for homemade sugar cookies and order colorful dehydrated marshmallows on Amazon.

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