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Loretta Lynn's Crisco Commercials Were Country Cookin' Classics

Loretta Lynn is a country legend responsible for country music hits such as "Coal Miner's Daughter," "Honky Tonk Girl" and more, but the singer-songwriter also lent her bubbly Southern personality to a collection of commercials for Crisco shortening throughout the 1980s. The Hurricane Mills, Tennessee artist became the spokeswoman for Crisco in 1979 and a slew of TV commercials featuring her down home, Southern cooking followed. The now-retro ads often showed scenes of Lynn enjoying her famous pie, fried chicken or cake with her husband Doo, her children and her grandchildren. Lynn's family members were always over the moon with her cooking and baking skills in the ads, and Lynn would explain that Crisco was the reason for her food's delectable taste and texture. Lynn would often end the commercials with the tag line, "Crisco will do you proud every time," while smiling into the camera.

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One of Lynn's memorable commercials showed the Kentucky-born superstar pulling up to a feast of fried chicken on the farm. While chatting with her happy guests, Lynn explained that Crisco was responsible for the "Crisco crunch" of the fried chicken. In other Loretta Lynn Crisco ads, she praised the shortening for creating the perfect, flaky pie crust. In another ad, Lynn's daughter brings home a love interest who is instantly impressed by Lynn's baking. Lynn often mentioned that Crisco was responsible for her "blue ribbon cooking" and she and her husband even showcased the 17 blue ribbons she won for her cooking.

Loretta Lynn's country music career has spanned decades — from the 1960s to today. Throughout her career, the music legend has released countless hit albums and singles and has performed duets alongside the likes of Conway Twitty, Dolly Parton, and more. The Opry member and her husband, Doolittle "Mooney" Lynn, had six children together: Betty Sue, Jack Benny, Ernest Ray "Ernie", Clara Marie "Cissie," and twin daughters Peggy Jean and Patsy Eileen (named for Patsy Cline). Lynn released her 50th studio album, Still Woman Enoughin March 2021. The project features original songs, some of her greatest hits, and collaborations with Reba McEntire, Carrie Underwood, Margo Price and Tanya Tucker.