Lay's RedHot Sauce-Flavored Chips Are Back for a Limited Time

We tried Cheddar Jalapeño and Kettle Cooked Flamin' Hot Chips and were blown away. Any hot sauce lover will be able to spot hints of jalapeño in those chip flavors. Lay's is at it again with a new spicy chip flavor, but this time, with cayenne peppers as the inspiration. Lay's Frank's RedHot Chips are here to ignite your taste buds.

The new Lay's hot sauce chips taste like the one and only Frank's RedHot Sauce. If you didn't know, Frank's RedHot Cayenne Pepper Sauce was the first secret ingredient used in the first batch of buffalo wings. This famous hot sauce was bound to end up as a new Lay's flavor.

You'll be able to find the Lay's hot sauce-inspired chips at Walmart and Circle K grocery stores. We're not sure if they're here for a limited time, so be sure to stock up if you can't get enough of Frank's RedHot.

The Lay's cayenne pepper-flavored hot sauce chips aren't the only Lay's chips making noise in the Frito-Lay world. It looks like two potato chips flavors are coming back to store shelves. Lay's Wavy Fried Green Tomato Chips and Crispy Taco Chips are back!


Allison Johnson

Back in 2017, these new flavors were 'Do Us A Flavor' finalists. As we mentioned years ago, we were looking forward to the fried green tomato potato chip flavor. Blame it on our southern roots! By the way, they are delicious. Now I'm feeling inspired to make a batch of Whistle Stop Cafe fried green tomatoes.

As for Lay's Crispy Taco potato chips, they're also a big win for Frito-Lay. They taste exactly like crispy tacos. Within the first bite, I got hints of ground beef seasoning, lettuce, and tortilla chips. If you like Doritos Taco-Flavored Tortilla Chips, you'll find these just as yummy.

Lay's pickles


Not a fan of spicy chips? No worries. Although, I hope you like pickles because this limited-edition flavor is also back. I think you'll like this flavor better than the dill pickle flavor.

Lay's beer cheese


I haven't gotten to try these, but I bet I would love them! If you spend your Saturday afternoons at a brewery like me, then what's not to love about Lay's Beer Cheese? Get yours before they're gone.

What's next for Lay's potato chips? Surely there are tons of creative potato chip fans out there submitting new flavor ideas as we speak.

This post was originally published on February 26, 2020.

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