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The 10 Best Covers of the Fleetwood Mac Classic 'Landslide'

Fleetwood Mac's "Landslide" has easily been one of the band's most recognizable songs since it first debuted on their 1975 album. Stevie Nicks' intoxicating voice accompanied by lead guitarist Lindsey Buckingham made the song an easy fan favorite that people still love nearly 50 years later.

But it's not just the fans who love "Landslide" so much. Numerous musicians over the years have covered the song everywhere from their own albums to random performances live on tour. We've rounded up the 10 best covers from over the years that really do justice to the incredible lyrics Stevie Nicks wrote so many years ago.

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1. The Chicks (formerly the Dixie Chicks)

Easily one of the most well-known and beloved cover versions comes from The Chicks. Natalie Maines' voice perfectly adds a country music twist to the familiar lyrics and let's not forget the unique and colorful music video. It's hard to believe the country trio recorded this song around 20 years ago, but I personally think it will always be a classic.

2. The Smashing Pumpkins

Did you think one of the best covers would come from this rock band? Me either, but Billy Corgan proves us all wrong. It might disarm you a bit when you realize this breezy cover is coming from The Smashing Pumpkins but hey, it works!

3. Tori Amos

Like others on this list, Tori Amos put her own spin on a cover of Fleetwood Mac's classic song at one of her concerts. As a classically trained musician, Amos does a stunning job on the piano instead of the guitar and adds her unique soulful edge to the lyrics in a way that makes the song sound completely her own.

4. Miley Cyrus

Who doesn't love an unexpected cover at a concert? In a very Miley way, she whips out her phone during her Bangerz Tour to make sure she doesn't mess up any of the lyrics. One of the best parts of Miley's voice is she really has the ability to cover anything from pop to country...she doesn't really add any frills here. She just sings the song the way you remember it.

5. Gwyneth Paltrow (on Glee)

It's easy to forget that, in addition to portraying a country singer in the movie Country Strong, Gwyneth Paltrow also turned heads for her singing voice when she performed on the hit TV show Glee. One of her best performances during her brief recurring role has to be her "Landslide" cover. With nothing but a guitar and a couple of student backup singers, she expertly delivers Fleetwood Mac's lyrics in a version that I personally love listening to time and again.

6. Chloe Kohanski (on The Voice)

From the very first line of the song, Kohanski has you hooked. With a captivating voice similar to Stevie Nicks in the original version, it was definitely the perfect choice for her to sing at the knockouts back when she was competing on The Voice in 2017. Though she was eliminated by Miley Cyrus, Blake Shelton picked her up and she ended up winning the season.

7. Kelsea Ballerini

During a 2018 concert in Nashville, Ballerini covered the classic song. Similar to The Chicks, she adds some country to it, but in a very Kelsea way. She recently proved yet again that she has a great voice for Fleetwood Mac songs when she covered "Dreams" on CMT Campfire Sessions. I'd like to formally petition for many more covers from Kelsea Ballerini...can you even imagine how well she'd be able to sing "Rhiannon?"

8. Harry Styles

Talk about an unexpected duo! During a 2019 performance at The Forum in Los Angeles, Harry Styles brought out Stevie Nicks to the stage to perform "Landslide" and all I have to say All I need at this point is a recorded version of this to cut out all the screams.

9. Chrissy Metz (on This is Us)

Chrissy Metz has her own record deal in Nashville and even performed a song at the Academy Awards so we know she's got some serious pipes. For some reason it just never gets old watching different voices sing this song and Metz's performance on This is Us will easily bring tears to your eyes. (Man, that show makes me sob).

10. Stacey Kent

A jazz singer might not seem like the most natural fit to cover Fleetwood Mac, but if this list has proved anything, it's that the song defies genres. Kent's version is dreamy, beautiful and relaxing with some stunning piano work in the background.