LaCosta Tucker
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Remember Tanya Tucker's Sister, LaCosta Tucker?

LaCosta Tucker is the older sister of Tanya Tucker, and did you know that she had her own career as a country singer?

The Seminole, Texas native was one of four siblings. Their father, Beau Tucker, worked as a construction worker but recognized early on that he had two daughters with musical promise. The two sisters grew up performing in talent shows and beauty pageants and were in a band called Country Westerners.

After LaCosta graduated from Cochise College in Arizona, she got a day job while singing clubs at night and was eventually named Miss Country Music Phoenix. When Tanya hit it big, LaCosta moved with her husband and children to Las Vegas, where she could be closer to her sister and could pursue music. Her father even helped her secure a record deal with Capitol Records in 1974 under the stage name, La Costa. 

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"I Wanna Get To You" hit number 25 on the country charts, followed by "Get On My Love Train," which reached number 3, and "He Took Me for a Ride," which peaked at number 10. She toured with her sister Tanya and even served as the president of her fan club by the '90s. Tucker recorded a total of five albums with Capital; Get on My Love Train, With All My Love, Lovin' Somebody, La Costa, and Changin' All the Time. 


La Costa charted on the Billboard chart multiple more times throughout her career with "Western Man," "This House Runs on Sunshine," "Lovin' Somebody on a Rainy Night," and "What'll I Do." While it's hard to come across a lot of her music these days, La Costa's music was released on Sisters: An Anthology in 2000, along with Tanya's songs. 

Her last song was released in 1982 with Elektra Records, "Love Take It Easy on Me." This marked the end of La Costa's music career. By the '90s, she had shifted to focus on supporting Tanya and raising her two children. But we'll never forget what she did contribute to the world of country music as the second talented Tucker sister!

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