alien ranch
Images via WestUSA

Mysterious 'Alien Ranch' in Arizona is up for Sale

Believers in extraterrestrials have a reason to get excited right now because the Alien Ranch in Arizona is up for sale.

Stardust Ranch in Buckeye, Ariz. sits on the outskirts of Phoenix. The dusty property is a little different from your average Arizona ranch though, because, according to owner John Edmonds, it's infested with malevolent aliens.

You might have seen Stardust Ranch (also called the Alien Ranch) on the Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures show.

Edmonds has long been documenting the strange events that take place at his home. He claims to have been visited by "the real men in black," and even says he's killed aliens on several occasions. As proof, Edwards posted images of samurai swords covered in blood on his social media accounts. The bodies of the aliens allegedly mysteriously disappear once killed.

On his Facebook page, Edmonds posts pictures of injuries he says are from lasers the aliens fired at him. He also has artifacts of unknown purpose that one of these aliens supposedly dropped as it fled.

John Edmonds bought the ranch 20 years ago with the intention of starting a horse rescue. He now plans to move to Maine, and hopes the aliens don't follow him.

The 10-acre property has full RV hookups. The house has five bedrooms and four bathrooms in 3,500 square feet. The property also has a swimming pool, four horse corrals and a hay barn. Edmonds is asking $5 million for the ranch, which is listed with West USA Realty.

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