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Kelly Clarkson and Seth Meyers Create Hilarious Drink in Honor of Blake Shelton

Chaotic. Chaotic. Chaotic. The only word I can describe this insane, but hilarious segment. Seth Meyers has been known to day drink with some of his guests during his "Go Day Drinking" segment, and boy do I love it. As I was scrolling through his "Late Night on Seth Meyers" YouTube page, I found this amazing video of him and Kelly Clarkson back in 2018, and man oh man, I wish I would have seen this live.

Honestly, I just couldn't stop laughing, mostly because they both match each other's energies so well. I want to be friends with both of them so badly. I mean, Clarkson herself is hilarious, her sense of humor is just wonderful, so pairing her with Meyers is just gold. While giggling and making jokes through the whole episode, both entertainers decide to craft one another several cocktails with random ingredients.

Clarkson even takes advantage of her multiple jobs, especially The Voice, creating a drink named after her BFF, Blake Shelton. Clarkson goes on to list the ingredients, saying, "this is Bourbon, Tennessee whiskey, southern comfort because he's southern and sometimes he's comfortable." While Meyers interjects, saying, "He's comfort, he brings comfort to us all," as Clarkson responds, "mmm, sometimes." She continued, "then we're gonna throw in...because he's dating Gwen Stefani, B-A-N-A-N-A-S."

As expected, the drink was terrible, as Meyers slams his hand into the bar, asking Clarkson what she was doing as she chugged the gross drink. She quickly then pours Meyers another drink, calling it "The Voice," to which expected Meyers cringes. But wait, it doesn't stop there, the two then hilariously continue the segment with Clarkson completing a cognitive test that was said to be completed by then President Donald Trump, as the two sip shots back and forward.

Basically, these two just wanted to drink their life away while having fun, and well, they succeeded. I am honestly impressed with their drinking tolerance, it's a hilarious segment, I need Clarkson to do more day drinking and document it for us. I think the best part of this whole video is Meyers trying to belt out Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone" which he absolutely destroys, but hey, I'm here for it.

These two also loved it so much, that they even recalled the "incident" on The Kelly Clarkson Show while Meyers was a guest. Clarkson asked Meyers "Do you remember anything from our day drinking day?" As Meyers responds, "Well I remember being drunk enough that I was hitting all those notes."

I want to party with these two asap.

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