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Kelly's Clarkson's Son Hilariously Interrupts Chris Martin's Singing For a Bathroom Break


Kelly Clarkson has proved throughout her time as a mother that she will do anything for her children despite the hardship she has been through. After marrying ex-husband Brandon Blackstock back in 2013, Kelly became a stepmom to his two children from a previous marriage, Savannah and Seth, and the pair went on to have two children of their own. In June 2020, Clarkson filed for her divorce after nearly seven years of marriage, citing irreconcilable differences. Clarkson gained primary physical custody of her both kids after a lengthy battle with lawyers.

Their first child together, daughter River Rose, was born on June 12, 2014. The American Idol alum and winner stated that Rivers' middle name was to honor her mother's maiden name. Performing just like her mom, she was featured in Clarkson's music video for "Broken & Beautiful" at just 4 years old. The Grammy winner also made her the main character of her children's book River Rose and the Magical Christmas and River Rose and the Magical Lullaby. Their second child, son Remington Alexander was born on April 12, 2016. Luckily for us, Clarkson doesn't hold back on sharing cute pictures of her children on social media, making them the main star of the show.

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As we all know Clarkson isn't just a singer, but she is an actor, a coach on The Voice, a performer and a talk show host. She's had several special guests on The Kelly Clarkson Show, including her daughter River and Remington. In a recent episode, she had guest star Chris Martin, who is the lead singer of Coldplay. As a special treat, Clarkson stated that River was actually a huge fan of the band, saying that "Yellow" was her favorite song. That's when Clarkson asked Martin if would be okay if they sang together, especially since her children were there that day.


As the duo began singing an acoustic version of yellow, Remington was seen visibly nervous saying, " I have to go to the bathroom." As expected his hilarious announcement created laughter from the audience, his mom, and Martin himself. Luckily Remy was able to get off stage and go to the restroom. It was an adorable and innocent moment indeed.

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In another video, the "Piece by Piece" singer then asks her guest to play "Green Eyes" after explaining the song was inspired by Johnny Cash and Hank Williams. The two also sang an acoustic version of Clarkson's No. 1 hit "Since U Been Gone" during their jam session.


The Kelly Clarkson Show is on its third season and is known for hilarious moments such as this one. Safe to say that having children on set just ensures that things will be quite unpredictable, but Clarkson knows how to handle it pretty well. After a virtual season made necessary by the COVID-19 pandemic, the show's new season returned in September with a live studio audience.

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