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Kelly Clarkson Calls Out Blake Shelton for Saying She Doesn't Know Country Music


Kelly Clarkson took to Instagram to call out her fellow The Voice coach Blake Shelton's claims that she doesn't know country music. If you watch The Voice, you know Blake and Kelly love to argue and frequenly find themselves vying for the same contestants to add to their respective teams.

When trying to convince aspiring country singers to join his team, Shelton loves to tout his knowledge of the country music genre and (in his words) his fellow coaches' lack thereof. But, in a recent video, Clarkson says she's had just about enough of it.

"Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk! Or should I say... my Blake Talk," Clarkson captioned the video, which features her addressing Shelton's claims about her country music bonafides.

"This season Blake has decided to like really lean in hard on me about how I know nothing about country music. I'm close to just being done fighting about it," Clarkson said. "You don't own it. I'm allowed to love and appreciate [it]....I grew up three hours south of Blake Shelton. South. So I'm like more southern. I grew up with trucks...and tailgates and going to cookouts and country fests."


The Texas-raised singer and talk show host reiterated that she grew up loving '80s and '90s country.

"I grew up on Trisha [Yearwood] and Reba [McEntire] and Patty [Loveless] and Terri [Clark]. I grew up on all those ladies. And men -- Travis [Tritt], Alan [Jackson], Randy [Travis], George [Strait], Garth [Brooks]," Clarkson said. "I know country music."

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Of course, Blake and Kelly's good-natured teasing of one another is part of the reason The Voice is so beloved, so we wouldn't expect this rivalry to end anytime soon.


Despite Shelton's claims, Clarkson does have some serious ties to the country genre. She collaborated with Jason Aldean on the hit "Don't You Wanna Stay" and frequently covers country tunes as part of the "Kellyoke" segment on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Season 21 of The Voice premiered on Sept. 20. John Legend and Ariana Grande round out this season's panel of coaches.

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