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Kane Brown and Wife Katelyn Share How Valentine's Day Has Changed Since Having Kids

With it being Valentine's week, couples around the country are looking to infuse a little romance into their lives, and it's no different for country music's couples. For Kane Brown and his wife Katelyn, Valentine's Day has changed a bit over the years. The two went from a newly married couple to parents of two in less than four years, so their traditions differ slightly from their early relationship. They looked back on fond Valentine's memories on a recent episode of Audacy's Katie & Company 

"Before we had kids, I was all about it," Brown told host Katie Neal. "I remember when we lived in Franklin, I bought (from) this boutique, I bought all the roses out. And so when she came home, there (were) 20 to 25 vases of roses."

Katelyn also chimed in, saying she's not disappointed by the fact that their Valentine's Day has changed.

"It changes in a good way because I think last year, I think we got takeout or something, and we watched a movie on the couch with our daughter," she says. "Who cares, we can go on date night whenever."

The couple share two daughters together: Kingsley Rose, born in October 2019, and Kodi Jane, born in December 2021.

The two remembered other sweet memories from their past during the interview, including the night Brown asked Katelyn to marry him. Katelyn shares that the proposal was a complete surprise and happened at 3 o'clock in the morning because Brown simply couldn't wait to pop the question.

"Kane showed up at my house at 3AM — at my parents house — while I was sleeping and proposed to me," she recalls. "I thought I was dreaming, [I] had no idea. [I] woke up the next morning engaged."

"I was going to hide the ring under the bed, but there were just so many emotions so I was like, 'Whatever let's just do this,'" he adds.

Although their Valentine's Day traditions have shifted over time, this year will surely be special as they are celebrating a No. 1 song this week with their duet, "Thank God." The achievement is also full-circle moment. The song — which is a celebration of their love — was originally recorded on Valentine's Day.

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