Bloody & Boozy: Fill Blood Drink Bags With Red Wine for Halloween Party Gore & Fun

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Calling all Halloween party hosts who want to throw a celebration that guests will never forget. Before you buy red solo cups to quench your guests' thirst, consider these IV drink bags instead. Fill them up with a red drink to spook the neighbors!

The blood bag drink containers are perfect for punch, alcohol, jello, or any drink of choice. Party drinks will taste as good as ever while looking gross and gory!

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  • Vampire theme party supply idea
  • Food-grade PVC
  • Fake blood prop for cosplay
  • Gag gift idea for Nurses Day

What's Included?

Add these IV bags to your Amazon wishlist today! The package includes ten 12-fl oz bags for $11.99. The blood IV bags are Amazon's Choice, making them bestsellers. You'll also get a 50ml syringe/squeeze bottle fast filling fake blood into the blood IV bags. You'll be able to set up your juice pouch display in just minutes!

My favorite spec are the blood group stickers. Customize the drink pouches with different blood types!

I'm not going to lie, if I were to fill these up with red drinks, I'd probably become a little light-headed. Forget scary Halloween decorations, the sight of blood (or fake blood) is enough to give me chills!

These aren't your regular Halloween party cups, so if you want to throw the best Halloween zombie party of all time, you have to consider these IV drink bags. Also, where are my Twilight fans at? Remember the scene in Breaking Dawn Part 1 where Bella drinks blood to get some energy? Same vibes.

Have fun, and most of all, be safe this Halloween. For more Halloween party supplies, visit Amazon.