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If Reba McEntire Had a Daughter, She'd 'Want Her to Marry' This 'Voice' Coach

"Oh my gosh. I love him!"

Although the coaches of The Voice engage in fiery competition on the show stage, they all seem to get along when the cameras aren't rolling, and new coach Reba McEntire has particularly taken a liking to second year coach Niall Horan. After filming a segment during which Horan added an incredibly talented singer named Alexa Wildish to his team, McEntire delivered a serious compliment about the singer to fellow coaches Gwen Stefani and John Legend.

Horan left the stage with his new team member for a moment, and McEntire walked over to her fellow coaches.

"If I had a daughter, I'd want her to marry him," she told Stefani and Legend. "Oh my gosh. I love him!"

Stefani agreed, calling Horan "adorable." Legend noted that McEntire's statement was quite the compliment, adding, "What a charmer he is!"

Surely, Horan's charm was part of the reason he won over Wildish, but the coach seemed genuinely struck by her performance of Fleetwood Mac's "Songbird" as well.

"I've sat here, and I've waited for you," Horan said, while the other coaches scoffed at his lines.

Legend mentioned that it seemed like Horan was "about to propose" to the singer. Later on in his interview, Legend said he's not falling for Horan's charm.

"Niall turned on the charm. It's like full-on romance was happening," he said. "The woo was woo-ing, but I'm not that impressed, honestly."

Wildish's performance ended in a four-chair turn, and all coaches were vying for the 34-year-old to join their team. The judges noted that Wildish's performance did contain some pitch issues, but her earnest storytelling won them over.

Before her performance, Wildish mentioned that she would love to work with McEntire, but she made a split-second decision to join Team Niall instead.

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