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How to Make Your Own Holiday Candles In A Few Easy Steps

Among the best parts about the last few months of the year is the holidays, the cooling weather and the opportunity to pull out all of your favorite fall and winter candles. There are so many different kinds of holiday candles, depending on your favorite scents — Christmas tree, Christmas cookie, gingerbread, Balsam Fir, peppermint candy cane — the holiday scents go on and on. But did you know that this year you can save yourself a trip to Nordstrom or Bath & Body Works and actually try making your own candles at home?

Not only will these Christmas candles be the perfect gift idea for friends and family this holiday season, but people will also come over and think that you've lit a luxe candle from somewhere fancy like Nest Fragrances, Diptyque or Voluspa. The best part? Pretty much everything you'll need is available on Amazon. You can whip up a batch of candles faster than you can pop some sugar cookies in the oven.

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We found the easiest video tutorial above from the blog Boxwood Avenue. You can easily customize this tutorial, depending on what holiday scents you'd like to use. Continue reading below for a list of easy items you'll need for these DIY glass jar candles. Did you know that you could use essential oils to make your own candles? That's right, essential oils are useful for more than aromatherapy or filling up your diffuser! 

You'll Need:

beeswax pellets 

candle wicks (if you like the crackling sound you can also try a wood wick)

glass jars

essential oils (some seasonal favorites include: sweet orange, spruce, cedarwood, Thymes Frasier fir (the perfect pine needle scent), eucalyptus, cranberry, red apple, and sandalwood)

wooden skewers (optional)

Easy Steps:

Melt your beeswax in a microwave-safe dish in the microwave (2-3 min)

Dip bottom metal part of wick in melted wax in order to secure in the glass jar

Secure wick with wooden skewers so that it stays in place when you pour in the wax

Either pour your essential oils into the melted wax first or separate the wax into different glass jars to create numerous scents

Let it cool, and that's it! Decorate the jars to make a candle gift set for your friends or set them around your house for a little holiday cheer.

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