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Hallmark Star Erin Cahill Has Helped Build Four Schools in Poverty-Stricken Communities

The former Pink Power Ranger is committed to giving back.

When Hallmark star Erin Cahill played Jen Scotts (AKA the Pink Ranger) in 2001's "Power Rangers Time Force," she got her first taste of saving the world — and we're not talking about delivering roundhouse-kicks to evil, time-traveling mutants hellbent on world domination. Rather, "Power Rangers" was heavily involved with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, which kickstarted her steadfast commitment to humanitarianism.

This newfound commitment to giving back led Cahill to actively engage in various charitable endeavors, culminating in the co-founding of her own organization, "Charitable Living." Presently, Cahill and her husband, Paul Freeman, collaborate with the non-profit BuildOn, contributing to the construction of four schools in impoverished communities worldwide. In a recent interview, she revealed plans to extend their impact with the construction of a fifth school in Senegal.

Erin Cahill, recognized for her lead roles in Hallmark Channel movies such as "A Timeless Christmas," "Love, Fall & Order," "Last Vermont Christmas," and "Everytime a Bell Rings," recently graced the screen as the protagonist Hazel in the romantic comedy "Hearts in the Game" in April. She also stars as Hazel in "Christmas on Cherry Lane," which premieres December 9.

Cahill recently discussed her character, Hazel, in an interview with Just Jared. 

"She was written very strong and I wanted to make her equally as strong in character and opinion and heart. To make sure that she was relatable in that way, that she wasn't too one dimensional or too business or too focused on her job or anything like that, I wanted to make sure that we could all see pieces of ourselves in her. I used a lot of pieces of myself to do that."

Beyond the world of Rangers and Hallmark, Cahill contributed to projects like "How I Met Your Mother," where she played Ted Mosby's sister, and the television drama "Red Widow," for which she had a recurring role as Felicity.  She became the first female lead character in the massively popular "Call of Duty" video game series when she played Chloe "Karma" Lynch in  "Call of Duty: Black Ops II."

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