Song Premiere: Great Peacock's 'Dissatisfaction' Addresses a Universal Constant

Harrison Hudson

Great Peacock, a Nashville-based Americana trio, built new album Forever Worse Better around all too familiar emotions.

Songs like "Dissatisfaction," premiering today on Wide Open Country, address a universal constant: unrequited (or, if you're slightly more fortunate, faded) love. You know, those situations where you start to notice that you put in way more work than a potential partner.

"I used to be important to someone special! Used to be. Gave them all I had," says Great Peacock's lead guitarist Andrew Nelson. "I used to pour my blood into a cup just for them to drink. And, they liked it! Just kidding. This is clearly hyperbole. But, you get the point. You know what though? I keep playing the game. I keep losing. But, I keep playing. Was I born to lose?"

Just as previous single "All I Ever Do" earned comparisons to "Tom Petty's jangle and the otherworldly swirl of Eighties college-rock" from Rolling Stone Country, "Dissatisfaction" is as much a Bruce Springsteen homage as it's a notch in the cap for folk and country music-inspired Americana. American Songwriter premiered "All I Ever Do," calling it "pretty weighty material."

"This song is all about the driving rhythm," Nelson says of "Dissatisfaction." "The drums and the bass pushing the emotion forward. This song is meant to be listened to while driving somewhere to forget about something or somewhere. Windows down, volume cranked, destination unknown."

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Nelson and his bandmates, bass player Frank Keith IV and guitarist/harmony vocalist Blount Floyd, worked on the album with an impressive cast, including pedal-steel player Adam Kurtz and Jason Isbell bandmate Sadler Vaden.

Forever Worse Better is slated for an Oct. 9 release date. It's the follow-up to Making Ghosts and Gran Pavo Real.

Forever Worse Better Track List

1. "All I Ever Do"
2. "Heavy Load"
3. "Strange Position"
4. "Dissatisfaction"
5. "Forever, Worse, or Better"
6. "High Wind"
7. "Rock of Ages"
8. "Old Man"
9. "Help Me Lord"
10. "Learning to Say Goodbye"

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Song Premiere: Great Peacock's 'Dissatisfaction' Addresses a Universal Constant