Song Premiere: Malin Pettersen Celebrates Wanderlust on Soaring 'Wildhorse Dream'

Jonathan Vivaas Kise

"Being on a plane is like leaving all the pain behind," Norwegian singer-songwriter Malin Pettersen sings on the soaring "Wildhorse Dream," the latest release from her forthcoming album Wildhorse (out on October 16).

The song, which celebrates chasing dreams and the beauty of possibility, was inspired by Pettersen's travels to Nashville to record her forthcoming album.

"I wrote this on a plane. I don't think it needs any explanation and I think it can probably be different things for different people, but I did want to capture that feeling of between that at least I specifically get on planes," Pettersen says. "It's like a weird philosophical time zone where everything is up in the air. Personally, planes have lately been the muscle power of my wild horse mind -- and those days in the studio in Nashville, getting to know a whole new world, I felt as free as roaming the plains."

Listen to "Wildhorse Dream" below.

Wildhorse was recorded in Nashville and features Misa Arriaga, Ryan A. Keith, Aaron Goodrich, Eddy Dunlap and a special guest appearance on one song by Logan Ledger.

Pettersen released her debut solo album References Pt.1. in 2018, which earned her a Spellemann award (Norwegian Grammy) and an Ameripolitan Awards nomination.

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Song Premiere: Malin Pettersen Celebrates Wanderlust on Soaring 'Wildhorse Dream'