5 New Songs You Need to Hear: Maren Morris, Kyle Nix + More

Amber Watson

Each week the Wide Open Country staff rounds up our favorite newly released country and Americana songs. Here are five new songs we can't stop listening to this week:

"Just For Now," Maren Morris

Maren Morris explores the beauty of uncertainty in a relationship on "Just For Now," a swooning, sultry ballad written and recorded during the sessions for her 2016 debut album Hero. Morris wrote the song with Ryan Hurd and late producer and singer-songwriter busbee, who frequently collaborated with Morris, Carly Pearce, Keith Urban and more.

-- Bobbie Jean Sawyer

"Sweet Delta Rose," Kyle Nix

Fans of the Turnpike Troubadours are already familiar with the soaring fiddle that open's Kyle Nix's "Sweet Delta Rose." Nix, a singer-songwriter and the longtime fiddler for the Troubadours, will release his solo album Lightning on the Mountain & Other Short Stories on June 26. (Wide Open Country premiered album track "Blue Eyes" last month.) The latest release, "Sweet Delta Rose," is a dreamy country love song inspired by the singer's own early courtship long-distance relationship with his now-wife. It's proof that true love is worth the wait.

-- Bobbie Jean Sawyer

"Mind on Fishin'," Trace Adkins

If you grew up in church, you might remember your pastor blowing a gasket over others in the congregation "worshipping the Lord on the lake." As Trace Adkins lays out in new song "Mind on Fishin'," that means going fishing on Sunday morning during worship hours. In his own light-hearted way, Adkins questions if going to church really helps all that much if your mind's off the sermon and on your next catch. Longtime country fans will recognize the backslidden fisherman in the video as T. Graham Brown.

--Bobby Moore

"The Man Who Loves You the Most," The Zac Brown Band

Zac Brown will be the first to tell you that not all of his music in recent memory should be called country. His band's sound is all over the map by design. Yet when classic country whistles for Brown, he sprints back home to whip up a dang good song. The latest view from his old front porch, "The Man Who Loves You the Most," addresses the innocent children caught in the middle of divorces and the ways men can make that rough transition easier for everyone involved.

--Bobby Moore

"On the Other Steel," Adam "Ditch" Kurtz

Nashville pedal steel player Adam "Ditch" Kurtz, an accompanist in the studio and on the road for American Aquarium, Joshua Ray Walker, Sara Shook & The Disarmers and others, cut an instrumental tribute to Randy Travis' Storms of Life album.

"I wanted to create a modern version of an Eighties country classic featuring the most iconic of country music instruments: the steel guitar, which is sadly absent in today's 'country,'" Kurtz says in a press release. "That, and I wanted to shred."

Storms of Steel, which begins with this rendition of "On the Other Hand," reminds country fans of a time when Travis made old school cool and the late Jimmie Crawford and his fellow pedal steel wizards recorded instrumental albums.

--Bobby Moore

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5 New Songs You Need to Hear: Maren Morris, Kyle Nix + More