Great Peacock
Kris Skoda

Song Premiere: Great Peacock Brings a Big Sound and Big Heart on 'Begging to Stay'

Nashville Americana outfit Great Peacock brings a big sound and big heart to anthemic new track "Begging to Stay." Off their upcoming sophomore album Gran Pavo Real, "Begging to Stay" is a beautiful combination of slow burning, energetic and catchy.

And that makes plenty of sense, considering the band loves to blur the lines between rock 'n roll, folk and conventional Americana.

Ushered in by droning guitar, vocalist and guitarist Andrew Nelson offers a subdued, harmony-laden verse. "When your body is the air, and your breathe is all that's there," Nelson sings. "And the night has left you bare, cause the truth is all you wear — I'm begging to stay."

Nelson says the song came from the feeling of sharing the right intimate moment with the right person. "I was just trying to paint the scene without being too honest, but also without being vague," Nelson tells Wide Open Country. "It's that feeling of never wanting the night to end, and always hoping that every time could be like that while knowing that it can't. I always see this song in black and white like some old memory."

Check out the premiere of Great Peacock's "Begging to Stay" below.

The band is preparing their new album Gran Pavo Real (which is Spanish for 'great peacock') for release later this year. And they spent lots of time and care making sure they get it right. "I don't really remember writing ["Begging to Stay"]," Nelson says. "I do remember us practicing it though, and it taking a while to get the right arrangement down."  ?

Formed in 2013, Great Peacock first broke onto the scene with 2015's Making Ghosts. They earned early critical love and built a loyal fanbase. All the while they opened for artists as varied as Cage The Elephant to Margo Price.

Their upcoming 10-track sophomore effort further cements their folk n' roll sound. Producer Dexter Green (Jason Isbell, Elizabeth Cooke) commandeered the effort.

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