County Rescue
Great American Family

Great American Family Is Releasing Its First Original Series, 'County Rescue'

The five-episode series follows EMTs and their life-saving work.

Great American Family is taking a chance on original programming in 2024 with its very first addition to a slate of new content. The network is set to debut "County Rescue", an action-adventure medical drama that explores the lives of EMTs and what they go through to save the lives of those around them.

The show revolves around Dani (Julia Reilly), as she embarks on her journey as an EMT trainee. With just one available spot for three trainees, Dani's determination and self-belief are put to the test as she faces a series of challenges that will find her exercising all the skills she has as an EMT-in-training.

Joining Reilly will be Stacey Patino, Percy Bell, Tim Perez-Ross, Riley Hough, Keller Fornes, Angel Luis, Kristin Wollett, and Brett Varvel. Fans can mark their calendars for the premiere dates, as the series is set to launch on Great American Pure Flix on February 16 and on Great American Family on February 17.

In addition to "County Rescue," Great American Family is expanding its repertoire with a new mystery franchise that will explore the lighter side of mysteries and whodunnits. These movies will feature stars from the network, which should act as a pretty large draw for fans. Meanwhile, Great American Pure Flix is set to release several new original series as well, including "Destination Heaven," "Shadrach," and the second season of "Going Home," which premiered on January 5. To top it off, the company has other plans to release even more original movies across its services throughout 2024.

"We are continuing to build on the phenomenal growth of our media brand and are excited to now fully capitalize on the synergies now available with Sony and Great American Pure Flix. Our portfolio of content is a trusted source of family friendly and faith-based entertainment, and our 2023 results greatly exceeded our expectations," said Bill Abbott, president & CEO of Great American Media, in a statement. "We are looking forward to having a positive impact on viewers and the entertainment business by creating quality content that can be enjoyed by the entire family."

With the debut of "County Rescue", it looks like we can expect to see plenty more original content coming from the network. It remains to be seen which stars will rotate in and out while also starring in the various films the network produces, but either way, fans have plenty to look forward to.

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