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'Good Witch': A Definitive Ranking of Every Movie in Hallmark's 'Good Witch' Series

There's something magical about Cassie Nightingale.

Starting in 2008, Catherine Bell played the charming "good witch" Cassie Nightingale on the Hallmark Channel. The star of the Good Witch movies and TV show, the unusual yet kind-hearted (and at times magical) Cassie shows up in the small town of Middleton, where she opens up the unique store Bell, Book and Candle. She also moves into the "haunted" Grey House that seems to mystify the rest of the townsfolk. From the very first film, Cassie was an immediate hit with audiences, launching her own series of Hallmark movies as well as her own TV series that recently ended after its seventh season.

Fans were devastated when the popular series finally ended in 2021. But there was a light at the end of the tunnel, albeit an unexpected one: Hallmark, seemingly out of nowhere, announced that Cassie's story would soon be complete, but was that the end of her story after all? At the Television Critics Association 2022 summer press tour, Hallmark's programming EVP Lisa Hamilton Daly said, "As far as Good Witch, I think we're always interested in thinking about what we can do with our most popular IP." But, she added, "I can't announce anything specific about that."

It's honestly hard not to love the fictional little town of Middleton and all of its eclectic residents. From the nosy Martha Tinsdale (Catherine Disher) to Cassie's sweet father-in-law George O'Hanrahan (Peter MacNeill), it's the idyllic small town you wish you lived in. Everyone knows everyone, there's always something magical happening, and there are good vibes all around. Not to mention the amazing colorful leaves when the weather really can't beat New England in the fall. Here's to hoping that we'll get to see more stories in sweet Middleton down the line.

As a major Hallmark fan myself, I rewatched all of the Good Witch movies and decided to rank them in order. If you've watched all of the movies as well as the show, you know that Cassie's love interest changes in the show from Police Chief Jake Russell (Chris Potter) to Dr. Sam Radford (James Denton) as the franchise wears on. The fun thing about the movies is you get to see both parts of Cassie's life and see her children grow into adults since the first movie's release in 2008.

With that said, there are unique aspects of each film, both good and bad. And while this is a ranked list, that doesn't necessarily mean that any of the films aren't worth watching, especially if you're looking for some cozy movies to curl up with a nice cup of tea and a blanket and get into. But there are some that I'd certainly prefer to watch over others.

With that said, here's our definitive ranking of all 12 Good Witch films, from The Good Witch's Charm to the hallowed original, The Good Witch. Watch every movie in the series on Hallmark Movies Now.

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