All 12 'Good Witch' Movies From the Hallmark Channel Ranked in Order

Since 2008, Catherine Bell has played the charming "good witch" Cassie Nightingale on the Hallmark Channel. The unusual yet kind-hearted (and at times magical) Cassie shows up in the small town of Middleton where she opens up the unique store Bell, Book and Candle. She also moves into the "haunted" Grey House that seems to mystify the rest of the townsfolk. From the very first film, Cassie was an immediate hit with audiences, launching her own series of Hallmark movies as well as her own TV series that is currently gearing up for its seventh season.

It's honestly hard not to love the little town of Middleton and all of its eclectic residents. From the nosy Martha Tinsdale (Catherine Disher) to Cassie's sweet father-in-law George O'Hanrahan (Peter MacNeill), it's the idyllic small town that you wish you lived in. Not to mention the amazing colorful leaves when the weather changes...you really can't beat New England in the fall.

As a major Hallmark fan myself, I rewatched all of the Good Witch movies and decided to rank them in order. If you've watched all of the movies as well as the show, you know that Cassie's love interest changes in the show from Police Chief Jake Russell (Chris Potter) to Dr. Sam Radford (James Denton). The fun thing about the movies is you get to see both parts of Cassie's life as well as see her children grow into adults since the first movie's release in 2008. So here we go...here's my definitive ranking of all 12 Good Witch films.

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12. The Good Witch's Charm (2012)

As much as I love Cassie and the gang, this just wasn't my particular favorite of the bunch mostly because I didn't really love Cassie as the mayor. She gets overworked despite having the help of Martha and ends up not really having time for her baby (Grace) or Lori who ends up needing to step in to help while struggling herself at school. Cassie tries to plan a family vacation which doesn't really work out between her workload and Brandon's school work. It does introduce Brandon to his girlfriend Tara though, so at least there's that (granted they both get re-cast on the TV show).

11. The Good Witch's Garden (2009)

A stranger shows up to Middleton claiming to be the legal owner of Grey House and Cassie ends up without a home. The legend of her ancestor The Grey Lady gets scrutinized and she's left wondering if she should just leave the town for good. For whatever reason, Cassie is still gaining the trust of some of her neighbors in this film despite being nothing but nice to anyone she meets. Will she keep her home and discover the truth behind the mystery of Grey House?

10. The Good Witch's Wonder (2014)

Outside of Cassie's short-lived pixie cut, The Good Witch's Wonder has a lot to take in. Cassie jumps in to help plan her stepson Brandon and Tara's wedding, hires newcomer Audrey (who might not be who she seems) to work in her store and Martha replaces her as Mayor of Middleton. When Cassie helps out with a local auction in town, items mysteriously go missing and she'll need to use her special "powers" to figure out what is going on before it's too late.

9. The Good Witch's Destiny (2013)

It's Cassie's birthday and all she wants is to bring her family and friends together for a big birthday party at Grey House. Lori (her step-daughter) discovers that Cassie's great-aunt (the legendary Grey Lady) disappeared after having a birthday party at her house and is worried about what this means for Cassie. Is there magic brewing or perhaps a birthday curse?

8. The Good Witch: Tale of Two Hearts (2018)

Cassie's daughter Grace (Bailee Madison) and Sam's son Nick (Rhys Matthew Bond) realize that this will be their last Halloween in Middleton before graduating from high school and get really into preparing for the Harvest Festival. Everyone in town decides to try and outdo rival town Blairsville with their decorations, especially Cassie's cousin Abigail, who just replaced Martha as Mayor of Middleton. The Heart of Middleton (a precious stone) gets stolen and there's another mysterious guest staying at Grey House who could be behind it. But Cassie feels confident that everything will work itself out by Halloween.

7. The Good Witch: Secrets of Grey House (2016)

Grey House is one of the most magical places in Middleton, partly due to Cassie living there and partly due to its historic past that comes with the legend of the Grey Lady. An author who writes magical romance novels comes to stay at Grey House and Cassie ends up bringing the town together for a special event. It's just a sweet, feel-good story with all your favorite Good Witch characters.

6. The Good Witch: Curse From a Rose (2019)

The most recent Halloween special to air was Curse From a Rose, and it didn't disappoint. Cassie's old college roommate Autumn Delaney shows up to town ready to ruin all of the fun Halloween festivities planned in Middleton...can Cassie save Halloween and her old friendship at the same time? It's Cassie...so probably.

5. The Good Witch's Family (2011)

I'm a big fan of this movie mostly because it's the first to introduce Cassie's cousin Abigail (Sarah Power). Like Cassie, Abigail has her own "magic" that she uses to bring chaos and stress to the Russell household as well as among the townsfolk of Middleton. It's mostly due to a major misunderstanding between her and Cassie but easily establishes the chemistry between the two actresses. I'm really glad they decided to make Abigail a big part of the TV show because I genuinely find her really interesting...especially since she's technically also a good witch, but with some added sass.

4. The Good Witch: Spellbound (2017)

Who doesn't love a long-lost prophecy? When the residents of Middleton discover a prophecy in Town Hall that seems to start coming true, does it mean the town is cursed? Cassie and Sam seem to be the only people who can save Middleton as Halloween quickly approaches. With a curse at stake, this definitely has more spooky vibes than some of the other films in the series.

3. Good Witch Halloween (2015)

After The Good Witch's Wonder, this was the first additional Good Witch movie to be released, though it (along with the previous few) is more of a TV special for people watching the TV show. Regardless, I love the direction the show went in to create this holiday special in lieu of random movies because I can't be the only one who gets super excited about Halloween, right? This is personally my favorite of all of the specials as it follows Cassie and the town preparing for the annual Harvest Festival. Not only does the somewhat spooky Grey House get turned into a haunted house, but a mysterious stranger shows up to town and checks into Cassie's bed and breakfast.

2. The Good Witch's Gift (2010)

I'm a sucker for a holiday special and since this was the only Christmas movie in the Good Witch series, it deserves a top spot. After Jake Russell proposes to Cassie, the two decide to quickly plan a Christmas Eve wedding in just a week...classic Cassie. I also love a good redemption story. At the same time as all of the wedding chaos, a newly released felon returns to town trying to reconcile with his wife and daughter. As usual, seems like Cassie is the only one to see the good in people...but is she right to do so?

1. The Good Witch (2008)

You just can't beat the story that started at all! This is when we first meet the mysterious Cassandra "Cassie" Nightingale after she inherits Grey House and decides to move to Middleton for a fresh start. She quickly enchants Jake Russell and his two children, Lori and Brandon, but it takes some time to win over the rest of the townsfolk who find her to be a bit too witchy.

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All 12 'Good Witch' Movies From the Hallmark Channel Ranked in Order