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Hilarious $24 "Go Ask Your Dad" Shirt Says Everything You Need To (Before the Kids Can Even Open Their Mouths)

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It's hard being a parent. That has been the case since before kids started spending more time at home, and it'll be the case long after. Making decisions for the kids can be exhausting. Sometimes, you just want to pass that responsibility to Dad for a while. With these funny "Go Ask Your Dad" shirts, you can do it without saying a word.

This is the top you need for when you're just totally over it. Dads might play like they don't know what's going on, but they're part of this parenting stuff too. If you're tired of hearing "go ask your mom," then this one is for you!

Best Go Ask Your Dad Shirts

1. Vintage Go Ask Your Dad T-Shirt Mom Life Mothers Day Holiday

The "Vintage" brand is the closest unisex option for this funny mama shirt: they offer men's, women's, and kid's cuts of the graphic tee. I don't know why a child would be saying, "go ask your dad," but I do know if I saw them wearing this, I would probably laugh.

Buy this as a funny gift for one of the dads in your life, or as a mom T-shirt for the lady who is fed-up with making decisions! At the regular price of $16 USD, this is shirt costs less than the emotional toll of constantly telling your kids to go find their other parent.

2. REOGA Go Ask Your Dad Tee Sweatshirt Women's T-Shirt Mom Life Mom Tee Pocket Shirts Graphic Funny T-Shirt Long Sleeve

This graphic is perfect for that funny mother who also has a sense of style. The long sleeve tee isn't as thick as a hoodie, but it does add a little extra layer for those chilly nights when it's Dad's turn to take over.

For such a simple and funny gift for mom, this shirt does have a lot of customer reviews. People are commenting on how soft the garment is, but because of its texture, there are some specific cleaning instructions. Don't machine wash it, and tumble dry on low to no heat. Otherwise, enjoy the pockets (and telling the youngins' that it's Dad's turn to buck up).

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3. Thread Tank Go Ask Your Dad Women's Fashion Relaxed V-Neck T-Shirt Graphic Tee

How about a "Made in the USA," v-neck style shirt that tells the whole family what you're thinking? Imagine this funny parenting situation: the kids come running down the hall ready to interrupt your brief moment of relaxation only to come face-to-face with this shirt that says it all for you.

If you're not a fan of pink, this shirt comes in heather grey and charcoal as well. Don't wait to get this as next year's Mothers Day gift— start speaking your mind now!

Check out more graphic tee styles on Amazon today. There are loads of funny dad, mom, and kid shirts that say exactly what you're thinking without ever having to open your mouth!

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