Flashback: Garth Brooks' Incredible Cover of Bob Dylan's 'To Make You Feel My Love'

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At a time when Garth Brooks could seemingly do no wrong as a commercially successful recording artist, he took "To Make You Feel My Love," a recent song written by Bob Dylan for his award-winning 1997 album Time Out of Mind and first recorded by pop sensation Billy Joel, and turned it into a chart-topping country single that was even included on a successful film's soundtrack.

Brooks' version first appeared on the soundtrack for 1998 film Hope Floats--Or, the second-best film featuring Sandra Bullock in a cowboy hat. His future wife Trisha Yearwood recorded her own version of the song for the film's soundtrack. Brooks' recording later appeared as a bonus track on 1995's Fresh Horses when Brooks reissued his catalog for his first Limited Series box set.  The number one single netted two Grammy nominations: One for Brooks (Best Male Country Vocal Performance)  and another for Dylan (Best Country Song).

Despite his modern status as a classic rock legend, Dylan's music often overlaps with country music. As one of the young faces of the 1960's folk revival, Dylan's initial audience happened to be the college students keeping older country music and bluegrass styles in vogue as Nashville went uptown. By the decade's end, he cut albums in Nashville with some of the city's most storied session musicians and even cut a duet with the Man In Black, Johnny Cash himself. Stretches of Dylan's career since then, including a run as a Christian artist, would probably get classified now as Americana.

Brooks' gorgeous interpretation gets overshadowed by his other sentimental offerings ("Unanswered Prayers," "The Dance") and his rock-driven crowd-pleasers. For most younger fans holding off on their Dylan phase, it's probably recognizable because of Adele's version on her 19 album or other recent covers by Kelly Clarkson and Joan Osborne.

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Flashback: Garth Brooks' Incredible Cover of Bob Dylan's 'To Make You Feel My Love'