This Christmas, Make Uncle Si from 'Duck Dynasty' Your Elf on the Shelf

Elf on a shelf is honestly one of the most ingenious Christmas ideas. Carol Aebersold really hit the jackpot when she came up with a new elf for families to pull out every year starting on December 1st. The concept of having a little elf who is reporting back to Santa in the North Pole is such a fun Christmas tradition while inspiring your children to make sure they are making an effort to be nice instead of naughty. Whoever thinks it's creepy telling children an elf is spying on them for clearly don't have kids.

If you're looking to take it one step further this Christmas season, consider adding Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty. That's right, the popular character from the reality show not only has his own elf but an accompanying book, Uncle Si The Christmas Elf: Work Hard, Nap Hard. In the book, Uncle Si helps Santa Claus save a little boy's Christmas in his own special green elf outfit. There are easily endless hilarious elf ideas you could come up with if you have an Uncle Si elf with the family.


If Duck Dynasty isn't for you, we've also rounded up some more funny elf on the shelf ideas that you can use this holiday season if you're running out of fun ideas. Find some inspiration for these fun elf pics and really get into the spirit of the season with this cute Christmas tradition.

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1. Legos

Get creative with your kid's legos! They're probably laying around anyway so there's no reason the elf can't play with them!

2. Minions Bananas 

All you need is a marker and some bananas. Could this one get any easier?

3. Marshmallow Snowball fight

Use up your stale marshmallows and create an adorable little winter snowball fight between your elf and other random toys you have on hand.

4. Snow angels

Want to spend as little time doing this as possible? Dump some salt and baby powder on the floor and make snow angels.

5. Crockpot hot tub

Maybe your elf just wants to unwind in a hot tub. Dump some cotton balls or marshmallows into your crockpot and it's that easy!

6. Marshmallow Bubble bath

How adorable is this little bubble bath made with mini marshmallows?

7. Toilet paper the Christmas Tree 

This one is guaranteed to make your kid laugh and you can do it in under 5 minutes.

8. Bowling at Candy Canes Lanes

This idea takes a bit more time to set up but how cute are the little candy canes lining the bowling lane?

9. Ice fishing with goldfish

Potentially my favorite idea, take your elf ice fishing over the toilet for goldfish! Just cover the opening with plastic wrap and sprinkle on some salt to look like ice.  

10. Elfie Selfie station

How adorable is this little selfie station? Get your kids involved with your elf's holiday fun and give them this little interactive set up in the bathroom.

11. Face masks and hand sanitizer

It's 2020 so of course, we had to tie in COVID somehow! Put a little mask on your elf and put him by the hand sanitizer to show he's on top of his social distancing precautions.

12. toilet paper snowman

Another incredibly simple idea is making a little snowman with stacks of toilet paper!

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