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Falkenstein Castle is a Majestic Wonderland in the Heart of Texas

People will always be fascinated by castles. There's something about the majestic structures that are a reminder of not only medieval times long ago, but the fairy tales we enjoyed as children. Weren't we all just a little jealous that Belle got to hang out in that massive castle in Beauty and the Beast? One Texas couple took their interest in castles to the next level and built Falkenstein Castle.

Terry and Kim Young went on vacation to Germany and were very taken by the beautiful architecture — particularly Neuschwanstein Castle located in Bavaria. It had been commissioned by King Ludwig II, who sadly never got to see the completed castle despite his passionate love of architecture. The Youngs learned that he had planned to build a second castle called Falkenstein Castle. It was actually the same structure that inspired Cinderella's Castle in Disney World. The couple decided to spend the next decade or so building their very own fairytale home inspired by Ludwig's vision.

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They came back to the states and began construction in the Texas Hill Country, roughly 50 miles outside of Austin. Located in Burnet, one mile west of Longhorn Cavern State Park, the Bavarian style castle is situated on 113 acres of property and serves as the primary residence for the Youngs. Can you imagine waking up every morning in that massive property with that incredible view of the beautiful Texas countryside? A lot of work went into building the property. The actual structure takes up four acres, and towers above to Hill Country at close to 90 feet high. 


Just because it's a private residence doesn't mean that people don't get to experience the property for themselves. You're able to rent the site for your wedding or charity event. This location is perfect for brides wanting to feel like their special day really is straight out of a fairytale.

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