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10 of the Coziest Log Cabin Kits to Buy and Build

Whether you want a hunting lodge, family vacation spot, quiet one-room cabin to fish, a guest house or even a primary residence, most people don't know where to start their quest for their very own log cabin. Others don't consider the variety out there in designs and layouts that capture the quaint feel of a pioneer-style dwelling. If you consider yourself handy but still need some extra help, these log home kits are exactly what you need to get the job done.

This custom log home package is useful, has cost-effective pricing and provides everything that one needs, especially if you want your own tiny home. Build-your-own home kits are great for those who need some help with floor plans and material lists but still want to have control over the building process. Also, there is something incredibly satisfying about constructing something yourself from the ground up. Note that with some of these companies, you can also have the cabin built for you.

These kits take a lot of the grunt work and material shopping out of the building process. Rather than starting from scratch, this allows owners to focus on the more enjoyable parts of the building process. For example, choosing a proper cabin location, putting everything together and decorating their new home with rustic decor.

Here are 10 of the best log cabin kits you can buy.

1. Moosehead Cedar Log Homes

Moosehead Cedar Log Homes is a company based in Maine and, as you may have guessed, their cabins are all made from cedar. Due to its slow growth, white cedar is one of the most stable and durable wood species. The "Brassua," one of their more upscale cabins, has three bedrooms and two bathrooms all conveniently on one level. Its large windows allow owners to look out over whatever epic countryside they choose to build their new home on.

2. Lancaster Log Cabins

Lancaster Log Cabins specializes in recreational cabins that are still rustic and efficient. Their Sierra Cabin model includes a walk-up porch and 12x20 loft inside which is perfect for the additional sleeping area. The high ceilings let in plenty of natural light into the great room, and the covered porch is ideal for sipping coffee in the mornings or reading at night.

3. Merrimac Log Homes

Merrimac Log Homes provide a few different options when it comes to log cabin plans, depending on how involved cabin-owners want to be in the design process. You can purchase a fully ready-to-assemble kit, which gets shipped to you, so the only thing you have to do is stack and screw. However, if you consider yourself a really experienced carpenter with a DIY ethos, you can simply purchase the necessary logs.

4. Finger Lakes Log Homes

This one-story log ranch is perfect for families, as it has three bedrooms, a large dining and living room. You can purchase this kit from New York-based Finger Lakes Log Homes and also have the option to upgrade your design plan to include a cathedral ceiling.

5. Coventry Log Homes

Sometimes the best things come in the smallest packages. This rustic "Discoverer" cabin from Coventry Log Homes is just as charming as it is affordable. The one-bedroom backcountry home has an adorable open porch and high ceilings.

6. Expedition Log Homes

If you have a massive family (and budget), then this gorgeous Hartland cabin from Expedition Log Homes would be perfect. With 8,536 total square feet, five bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms, it's an extravagant residence that also features an attached garage. Talk about a dream home.

7. Amish Made Cabins

Kentucky's Amish Made Cabins sells kits are that are handcrafted by the Amish, well-known for their craftsmanship and attention detail. DIY kits start at only $21,510. So, if you thought you couldn't afford a quality log home, think again.

8. Log Cabin Homes

Whether you want to escape to your getaway during snowy winters or blazing summers, log cabins are the perfect relaxing retreat from reality. Log Cabin Homes has floor plans ranging from quaint 1,000 sq ft cabins to custom design 4,500 square foot multiple story log mansions.

9. Conestoga Log Cabin & Homes

Conestoga Log Cabin & Homes has a few options perfect for those that don't need a ton of space. If you're on a budget and love tiny houses, then their Boulder Lodge log cabin is for you. It packs a mighty punch and fits a full bathroom, bedroom and kitchenette in under 300 square feet. There's standard options as well as custom plans for those with a specific vision for their dream cabin.

10. Golden Eagle Log Homes

Golden Eagle Log Homes is a Wisconsin-based cabin company that offers highly customizable floor plans. You can start with a basic idea, and then choose different add-ons based on what best fits your family's needs. This specific model is the ranch-style cabin with a screened-in porch (fabulous in the summers to keep bugs away) and a covered patio.

This article previously ran in April 2021.

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