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Who Is Elmore Leonard? Meet the Legendary Author Whose Novels Inspired 30 Films and TV Shows

You like 'Justified'? This guy wrote the book.

The American crime genre as we know it would not exist without the work of Elmore John Leonard Jr. Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, in 1925, the legendary author's career has spanned five decades and multiple mediums, as his work has been adapted for film and television countless times — 30 to be exact.

While Justified (and the highly anticipated spinoff series Justified: City Primeval) are arguably the most well-known Leonard adaptations, the author is responsible for many of Hollywood's most beloved films and shows.

Sadly, Leonard died in 2013 of complications from a stroke. But his legacy lives on as Hollywood continues to turn to his fictional words for inspiration. Below is what we believe to be every show and movie adaptation of Leonard's work, in order from oldest to most recent.

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