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5 Cowgirl Hats for Dance Halls, Everyday Wear, & More

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Cowboy hats and cowboy boots are as classically Western as you can get. Before they became fashion pieces, they were originally used as workwear by cattlemen. Cowboy hats were used as sun hats to protect cowboys from the hot sun, and bullhide cowboy boots were worn as standard work boots. Today, they are usually worn to rodeos and dance halls. One of the greatest things about cowgirl hats today is that you don't have to know how to herd cows or ride bulls to rock this classic hat. From iconic Stetson hats to classic Resistol hats, there are many different styles available for you to wear. Here are five stylish cowgirl hats that you will want to wear everywhere.

A hat should fit firmly on your forehead and the back of your head. It should feel a bit looser at the sides and if you can comfortably fit a finger between your head and the cap, it's a good fit. You can always measure your head. If you're not able to do it yourself, consider going to a store that specializes in cowboy hats. However, if the hat you're looking for is one-size-fits-all, you won't have any issues with the fit typically since they stretch easily. One-size-fits-all hats may not last for a long time (especially if they're not reshaped after a bit of wear), but they'll typically be more budget-friendly than custom fits. If you're looking for something long-term to wear to more formal events, definitely consider Ariat or Stetson.

1. Best Straw Hat for Everyday Wear

Queue Essentials Men & Women's Woven Straw Cowboy Cowgirl Hat - Amazon, $32.99

This classic straw cowgirl hat can be worn in many places. From the farm to a music festival, this hat will keep you protected from the sun while looking stylish. One thing that makes a well-crafted cowgirl hat is the details. This hat features a faux leather hatband with detailed patterns. It also includes a sweatband, so your face is sweat-free after a long night of square dancing. This hat is unisex and one-size-fits-most but can stretch if needed. It comes in over 10 different colors, so you'll be able to match all of your favorite western gear, including belt buckles and cowboy boots.

2. Best for Bachelorette Parties (and Kacey Musgraves Concerts)

Light Up Country Western Pink Cowgirl Hat - Amazon, $21.99

This hat screams Nashville bachelorette party! If you love standing out from the crowd and having all eyes on you, this light-up cowgirl hat was made for you. This hat features a sequin trim along with a princess tiara. This hat is perfect for birthday parties as well. The batteries are already included, so all you have to do is activate the on switch and get the party started! Yee-haw! This would also be perfect for a Kacey Musgraves show. It's the perfect hat to dance around in while screaming the lyrics to High Horse.

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3. Best for Concerts & Rodeos

Queue Essentials Classic Cattleman Straw Cowboy Hat - Amazon, $52.99

If you love a classic look, this felt cowgirl hat is perfect for wearing anywhere. It'll match just about anything western in your closet. This hat comes in a variety of colors, so you can own a different hat for every occasion. The construction of this felt cowboy hat looks super durable. I love how accentuated the crown dips are. You are sure to receive many compliments while wearing this hat. It comes in two sizes, SM and L-XL. It has an elastic closure for a snug fit. Choose from felt or canvas material.

4. A Stylish Hat for Stagecoach or Palomino Fest

Charlie 1 Horse Hats Womens Black Highway Fashion Hat - Amazon, $69.95

This wool cowboy hat is super chic. I love the small detailed horseshoe symbol embedded on the top. The chic hat is perfect for a trendy and casual outfit for a festival like Palomino or Stagecoach. Think summer dresses, jean shorts and cowboy boots, or even a vintage tour tee. You can get super creative with this hat. A concho necklace would complement this classic hat perfectly. The made-in-the-USA hat is machine-washable. I've never put a cowboy hat in the washer machine, so be careful. Maybe it's safe on a gentle cycle.

5. Best Leather Hat


My leather hat from Cavender's is my favorite cowboy hat. I get some many compliments on it, especially when I'm floating the river in Texas. Leather hats are built to last — this hat can also withstand the sun or rain. They look nice with western wear, swimsuits, and just about anything you leave the house in. Not only will you look fantastic, but you'll be nice and cool in this hat. It has vented holes in the crown for breathability and is featherweight. A couple other specs we love: the included chin strap and braided leather hat band. The copper leather look is classic, but consider being bold and going with the all-black desperado look. A black cowboy hat looks amazing with jeans and black leather boots. Take our advice and you'll be best dressed at your next rodeo or concert.