christmas tree storage bag with wheels

$25 Christmas Tree Storage Bag Has Wheels for Stress-Free Hauling

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Putting up the Christmas tree is one of the most magical feelings ever, but taking down the Christmas tree just hurts my heart (and my back). Dragging a large Christmas tree to the basement, garage, or closet is not fun at all. So this year, take it easy and use a Christmas tree storage bag with wheels.

Heavy-duty tree storage duffels make it effortless to store your artificial Christmas trees. These bags are huge, sturdy, and affordable, so spread joy and not stress this year.

Rolling Large Christmas Tree Storage Bag - Fits Artificial Disassembled Trees

  • Dual zipper
  • Options for 9-foot Christmas tree (or up to 7.5 ft trees).
  • 4 reinforced handles (2 on top and 2 on the side)
  • Polyethylene material
  • Great for ornament and wreath storage

The $25 bag fits trees up to 9-feet tall! Wow. If you have a 9-foot tree, I would not have envied you until now. No one wants to haul a tree that big into the storage room, but thanks to this artificial Christmas tree storage bag, it'll be a breeze.

You can find this extra-large bag on Amazon. They also have a 7.5-foot tall bag in stock for $22.99.

This Xmas tree storage bag is waterproof and will protect your tree from dust, moisture, and pests. Once you dismantle your holiday tree, pack it in the large Christmas tree storage bag. There are smooth wheels for easy hauling through the living room or up the stairs! There are also carrying handles for easy transport.

The storage container is bright red, making it easy to locate your Christmas tree for next year.

Opened tree boxes can take up a bunch of storage space, but a tear-proof bag won't! Gone are the days of having your Christmas tree poking through the original box. This bestseller zips up, so no more branches taking up storage space year-round. Our Christmas tree is definitely going in one of these holiday storage bags this year. I can't wait to skip the hassle of trying to stuff a tree into a storage box from the dollar store!

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I'm glad there are thousands of raving reviews. One customer said she was able to fit holiday decorations into the bag as well. You might as well size up and get a tote big enough for your tree and Christmas decorations.

Um, Santa? Can you please place one of these rolling Christmas tree bags under the tree for everyone?