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Chris Stapleton, Jimmy Fallon Sing Tribute to Rom-Coms in Hilarious Parody

It looks like Chris Stapleton and host Jimmy Fallon are just like us, they enjoy rom-coms, Hallmark, and most importantly, Nancy Meyers. Who would have thought? At least that's what they're telling the world! The duo hilariously created a parody called, "A Film By Nancy Meyers" because well, why not? This is definitely the best thing I have seen in a while.

Recently, Stapleton appeared on NBC's "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" to perform "You Should Probably Leave." (Fallon himself joined Stapleton for the performance.) Little did he know, Fallon had other plans up his sleeve. And  I'm glad he did because this is glorious.

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In the music video, both celebrities pretty much go through all the emotions someone goes through while watching a rom-com. From watching Meyers' movies, to cooking, to being in bathrooms, to wanting to be friends with Meryl Streep and living the dream — it's all in there.

It's truly golden, especially as the duo sings, "When I need a little heart and I wanna be inspired/ I get cozy on the couch, watch a film by Nancy Meyers." In case you don't know who Meyers is, well, you should. She's basically the romance queen! She's been active in Hollywood since the 1980s and is famous for her successful movies that celebrate strong women and love.

Some of her very well know credits include What Women Want, The Holiday, Something's Gotta Give and It's Complicated. And in case you were wondering, yes, a lot of her movies feature gorgeous kitchen countertops, white bathrobes, sweaters, and everything aesthetically pleasing . But hey, let us have this okay? This is what makes a lot of us happy, seeing other people live our dreams!

Meyers did respond to the Grammy winner and Fallon's song after the release, sharing the video on her Instagram story. She wrote, "What a surprise! So sweet and funny. Thank you @JimmyFallon and @ChrisStapleton!!!"

Seems to me like she loved it just like we did! Keep on giving us these gems, Fallon!