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Casey, Illinois: Home of the World's Largest Rocking Chair, Wind Chime + More

Halfway between St. Louis and Indianapolis, along Interstate 70, you'll find the town of Casey, Illinois. While you might think it's just one of many stops along the way that you might hit on a road trip, Casey is actually home to some of the world's largest objects. It has multiple Guinness World Records for super-sizing everyday objects you'd never expect and has scattered them throughout the town for tourists to come and enjoy. 

Local Casey businessman, Jim Bolin, decided to try and help drive traffic to his small town of 2,700. In an effort to encourage road trippers to stop in Casey, he brought some big things into the town. His "Big Things, Small Town" mission first started when he built the world's largest wind chime in 2011. The 42 ft long wind chime was placed on Main Street as a tourist draw and gave Bolin the opportunity to continue making more recording-breaking giant objects after the positive response. 

"When you're used to seeing one or two cars parked in a three or four block area downtown — and all of sudden you see seven or eight cars and they all have different license plates — something is working," Bolin told the Chicago Tribune

According to Bolin's website, Casey currently has 12 of the world's largest things, many of which were made from recycled materials. Some are spread around downtown and the world's largest pitchfork is located by Richards Farm Restaurant. We've rounded some of Casey's record-breaking objects that are either currently the largest in the world, or once held the title. 

Follow along with Casey, IL's projects on the Big Things Small Town Instagram account.

Rocking Chair



Golf Tee

Wooden Shoes (Clogs)


Barbershop Pole


Wind Chime










Giant Birdcage


Crochet Hook and Knitting Needles 




Golf Club


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