Carrie Underwood holds her dog, Ace/ photo of Carrie Undrwood's dog Ace
Carrie Underwood/Instagram

Carrie Underwood Mourns Death of Her Dog Ace: 'A Good Boy Till the End'


Carrie Underwood is mourning the loss of her dog, Ace. On Monday (April 4), the country star shared that her beloved dog died on Sunday, April 3.

Underwood shared the news on Instagram, along with photos of Ace, including one of her holding the dog and kissing his head. She wrote that Ace had been with her for years and was besider her through several life changes.

"Last night my sweet Ace left this world...he will forever live on in our hearts and be forever missed," Underwood wrote. "He was there for me when I was on my own trying to figure out life when it was at its craziest! He was with me through 3 houses, 6 tours and 2 kids...always ready to snuggle and play...through all the highs and lows. He was a true friend and a good boy till the very end. I love you, sweet Ace...see you on the other side...💔"




Ace was even a member of Underwood's wedding party when she married Mike Fisher in 2010. Her adorable pup served as the ring bearer and wore a pink tuxedo.

Miranda Lambert, who established the Muttnation Foundation with her mom, Bev, commented on Underwood's post, writing "So sorry. I know how bad that hurts. Sendin love your way."

The rescue dog died on the same evening as the Grammy awards, during which Underwood won a Grammy for Best Roots Gospel Album for her album Savior.


"I'm going to try not to cry," Underwood said after her win (quote via People). "This has been the greatest project that I've ever been a part of, been able to do. This is one thing that I've wanted to do...Literally, my whole career, I've wanted to make this album, and I got to. This just means the world to me."

Underwood took the stage during this year's Grammy awards ceremony to peform her brand new song "Ghost Story."

"I feel like overall, just this next project is... It's fun," Underwood told Today's Country Radio with Kelleigh Bannen. "It's a lot of fun. We covered a lot of ground making it and just kind of went into the whole project of let's just have fun and make music we love and see what happened. And I got to write a lot. I got to co-produce again with David Garcia, which is just so much fun getting able to be there from the ground up and really make more musical decision. Yeah, it's a lot of fun and I feel like people are going to hear everything and just going to get some warm fuzzies and just, I don't know, hopefully it'll just make people happy to listen to. It's a very like sing into your hairbrush, in your house, in your room kind of album, which I think it's going to translate well. I think people are going to like it."

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