10 Candle Making Kits To Give To Friends 

Crafting is a fun way to get through the winter and use your creativity in productive ways! For those who don't knit scarves or have an artistic medium of choice, using a kit with supplies and directions is the best way to go. This is especially true for crafts like soap and candles that involve specific materials and processes. If you have any crafty friends in need of a hobby, a candle making kit might be the perfect gift! Here are 10 DIY candle making kits for the creatives in your life.

1. Hearts and Crafts Candle Making

This soy candle making set is the perfect place to start when making homemade candles! It includes pre-waxed wicks and 2 centering devices to ensure that your candle-making process goes seamlessly. Made with natural soy wax, these candles burn cleanly without any of the chemicals often found in paraffin wax. This Amazon bestseller uses soy wax flakes to produce classy and aesthetically pleasing crafts!

2. CraftZee DIY Candle Kit

The CraftZee kit has step-by-step instructions to make it easy for absolute beginners starting their first candle experience. This starter set includes dye blocks, fragrance, soy wax bags, a melting pot, candle tins, cotton wicks, glue dots, warning labels, bow tie clips and stirring sticks- all the materials necessary for four beautiful candles! The available colors are red, orange, lavender, and green, and they're scented clean cotton, lavender, coconut lime, and cinnamon vanilla.

3. SUPERSUN Scented Candle Making Kit

The SUPERSUN candle set is another great option for successful DIY candle making. The colorful Boho candle tins add a touch of style, while the soy wax burns cleanly and brightly. This crafty kit has wick stickers and a melting pot for convenience. This is a wonderful holiday present for any crafty friends or family, and it comes in a lovely welcoming box!

4. Lavender and Vanilla DIY Candle Kit

The best part of candles is their fragrant scent, so these lavender and vanilla soy candles are the perfect DIY craft. All materials are non-synthetic and natural, making this a sustainable and healthy crafting choice. Make your own candles scented with lavender and vanilla essential oils, the ideal way to brighten a room.

5. Colorful Beeswax DIY Candle Making

Beeswax candles are renewable, environmentally-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. The beeswax sheets are simple to use and lightly fragranced, ideal to purify the air. This kit is great to make with kids or to give to adults, and its bright colors are vibrant and beautiful!

6. DIY Rose Candle Kit

These natural soy wax candles are rustic and lovely, an excellent choice for those who like subtle and flowery scents. This kit provides everything you need to make cute, fragrant candles, including quality soy wax, wicks, glue dots, stirring sticks, wick stabilizers, dried rose petals, and jars. Make sweet-smelling rose candles or give a friend a new craft!

7. Votive Candle Making Starter Kit

Votive candles are small, short candles similar to tea lights. These cute and classy candles are great for mood lighting during date night or brightening a room. This kit makes them simple to create by including a mini pouring pot, thermometer, votive molds and more. The fragrance oils come in apple jack and blueberry, and these supplies can make up to 80 cute votive candles!

8. Paraffin Wax DIY Candle Kit

This easy-to-use DIY kit is another fun way to make candles. It includes lavender fragrance oil and fruit slices fragrance oil, so you can make different candles depending on your preferences. The jelly jars with pewter lids provided are cute and durable, and the color blocks come in orange and lavender for bright, colorful crafts.

9. Dellabella DIY Candle Kit

The Dellabella candle set is special because of its opportunity for artistic license. This kit features carving tools to create designs, write messages or even add your gift recipient's name! These fun and creative candles are made with natural soy wax, and the candle molds included are reusable, allowing you to continue making quality candles in the future and perfect your craft.

10. Hearth & Harbor  DIY Candle Making Kit

The Hearth & Harbor craft kit allows the candle maker to create 16 different candles, each a distinct color! This kit comes with an extensive amount of accessories, including dye blocks, fragrances, a melting pot, candle tins, cotton wicks, glue dots, bow tie clips and more. There are even pieces of kraft card with a string attached for the ultimate creative expression!

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