14 Christmas Candles That'll Make Your Home Feel Jolly

One of the best parts of the holidays is the chance to fill your home with holiday décor. From Christmas lights to mini dancing Santas, fun and attractive decorations set the stage for holiday cheer. As soon as Thanksgiving is over, we all know that it's time to deck out the house with Christmas decorations! The best are those that transform your home's atmosphere, inspiring you to put on Christmas music and don your favorite holiday sweater. Since scent is one of the senses that notably affects your mood, scented candles are the perfect way to get into the Christmas spirit. Here are 14 Christmas Candles that will make you and your home ready for the holidays!

1. Christmas Morning Punch Candle

This holiday candle is aptly named, as its bright and cheerful scent is the perfect way to enjoy Christmas morning. A bestseller, this punch-scented candle has notes of strawberry, cranberry and pomegranate, a combo of cozy and fruity. There are subtle notes of vanilla and sugar to add sweetness as well. Let this festive scent fill the air while you open presents!

2. Gingerbread Scented Soy Candle

One option out of many of Grandma's Kitchen Scents candles, this gingerbread scented candle is as warm and cozy as they come. The sweet but spicy aroma of gingerbread should conjure up memories of freshly made cookies and family time. With a long burn time, this jar candle is a great addition to your holiday décor.

3. Elf Farts Christmas Candle

Adding a humorous touch to your holiday decorations, the Elf Farts candle is a great gift idea for that uncle who loves corny jokes. This soy candle smells like peppermint, much fresher and more appetizing than you might expect an elf fart to smell (after all, they probably eat candy year round!) This candy cane scent adds a refreshing yet festive touch to your home.

4. Christmas Tree Taper Candle

This pack of 4 taper candles is ideal if you hope to have an array of candles in your home. These are designed in the shape and color of Christmas trees, so their coloring is an elegant dark green with subtle sparkles. Add some different shapes to your typical holiday candle collection with these lovely Christmas tree candles!

5. Candy Cane Lane Candle

Another refreshing yet sweet option for your Christmas candle collection, the candy cane lane candle will spread the aroma of peppermint throughout the living room. Along with peppermint, the scents of vanilla icing, caramel and sugarcane blend together to create a sweet way to add Christmas cheer to your home.

6. Evergreen and Sandalwood Pinecone Candles

If you didn't have time to get a real Christmas tree this year, don't worry! This evergreen and sandalwood candle will bring you right back to every Christmas you've spent with a real tree. These are formed into the shape of pinecones, an added aesthetic to give a unique touch to your holiday décor.

7. Balsam and Amber Candle

With the cozy scent of a balsam fir wafting through the house, you'll feel instantly transported to a forest covered in a layer of sparkling white snow. Notes of mountain cypress, pinecones and golden amber complement the scent of fir, making this candle smell of warm spices.

8.Tea Light Christmas Set

Ideal as stocking stuffers, these charming tea light candles are great for a subtle touch of cheer in your home. They come in sets of 6, with the options of gold, green, red or silver. Each color is adorned with glitter, and the green ones have little Christmas trees as decoration. You can even get multiple sets to add some color to your home!

9. Christmas Cookie Candle

There's nothing like the smell of homemade cookies to get you in the holiday spirit. This candle allows you to enjoy the sweet scent of buttery sugar cookies without any of the calories. This pillar candle is elegant and encased in glass as a stylish decoration for your living room.

10. Red Apple Wreath Candle


This wreath candle is full of holiday cheer, combining the scents of sweet apples, walnuts, cinnamon and maple. These warm and spicy aromas feel like the end of autumn, full of nostalgia and sweater weather, yet they are also perfect for welcoming Christmas and New Years.

11. Christmas Eve Candle

Why stop with the Christmas morning candle? A Christmas Eve candle seems just as essential when considering Christmas candles. This classy holiday candle comes in a glass candle holder and complements the other festive scents of the holidays. The Christmas Eve candle blends the aromas of sugared plums, sweet fruits and a warm fireplace.

12. Christmas Garland Jar Candle

The Christmas Garland candle features a combination of Christmasy scents, from pine trees to cranberry sauce. This lovely green candle comes in a large glass jar and is meant to last over multiple holiday seasons. The warm and festive scents are cozy enough to make you homesick, bringing you back to your childhood Christmas traditions.

13. Christmas Tree Soy Candle

This soy wax candle blends the scents of eucalyptus and fresh pine, creating a joyful holiday atmosphere in your living room or bedroom. The scent is a natural combination of tree scents and cedar leaf essential oils, another ideal option for those who want the Christmas tree scent without all the work of getting a real tree!

14. Snowman Flameless Christmas Candles

These battery-operated pillar candles are an excellent choice if you want to celebrate the Christmas spirit without actual candles. This is great if you have small kids or plan to be in and out of the house on Christmas day. The dancing flame on these cheerful snowmen looks just like a real flame. A group of wintery snowmen is the perfect way to bring holiday cheer to your Christmas decor!

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