10 Easy (and Adorable) Mason Jar Crafts

Beat the heat this summer and stay inside for some crafting! We've rounded up 10 easy DIY mason jar crafts to show you some different ways to use mason jars for your home decor.

1. Bathroom storage

A glass mason jar soap dispenser is super easy by why stop there? Use your empty jars to hold q-tips, cotton balls, your toothbrush, and anything else in the bathroom. 

2. Mason Jar Candle Holders

Use tea lights or even string lights for this easy decor idea. Simply stuff your mason jar with your filler of choice and hand around your home for some ambiance lighting. 

3. Mason jar vase

Covering your vase in paint is an easy gift idea as well. Simply choose your color and fill the vase with beautiful fresh flowers. 

4. Sewing Kit

Put all of your sewing supplies in one place! This easy DIY adds a pin cushion on the mason jar lid so that all of your pins are easily accessible. 

5. Chalkboard herb garden

Cover your mason jar in chalk paint so that you can write each herb name on them with chalk. Super easy! If you don't want or need herbs, these would also look adorable filled with succulents. 

6. Snow Globe 

The end result looks like something you could get off Etsy. Don't stick to Christmas only, you could make festive little Easter or Valentine's Day snow globes as well!

7. Oil Lamp 


This is such an easy craft for someone looking for something to do with things they already have on hand. Use that olive oil and make these creative lanterns for your backyard.

8. Terrarium 

Bring on all the succulents. These adorable terrariums are the perfect weekend craft idea for the whole family.

9. Air Freshener

This is probably one of the easiest DIY projects out there. Just fill the jar with either store-bought air freshener balls or use natural essential oils and herbs to make your house smell amazing.

10. Hanging Mason Jar Light

Create these cool DIY pendant lights for some outdoor lighting that is sure to impress all your friends. 

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10 Easy (and Adorable) Mason Jar Crafts