Pampas Grass Decor

Why Pampas Grass is the Home Decor Trend You Need to Try

Pampas grass plumes are taking the home decor world by storm and I am here for it. The feathery plumes add an interesting accent and give your space texture just by throwing them in a tall vase.

As someone who regularly kills plants, I was extremely excited when dried pampas grass starting popping up in living rooms. You can't kill it like you can fresh flowers (and how gross are dry flowers?) but it still gives you the same edge in your space. With minimalism and California boho growing as popular home and wedding decor trends, the dried plumes have slowly been gaining popularity.

They come in various neutral tones but it's best to keep it somewhat monochromatic. Just keep is simple. Use a small grass bundle as vase filler and you have a lovely, textured silhouette to fill an empty vertical living space.

Interior designer, Tyler Wisler tells The Today Show that his go-to source for the ornamental grass is Etsy. He says it could fit in tons of different decor styles as well. "The neutral can work in almost any environment, and you can make it go boho, glam, industrial or rustic," he said.

As wedding trends are moving towards messier looks, these also look great in flower arrangements as well as the bride's flower bouquet.  

How beautiful are these pampas grass arrangements? They almost look silver in the sunlight and make perfect wedding flower bunches that can be incorporated throughout the decor.

Don't be scared to branch out from the typical neutral tones. Pink pampas grass is another fun option and you can find some modern ways to incorporate it into your home. Wrap it in some rubber bands to keep it sturdy.

The dried reed plumes look so pretty in just a simple vase. Find unique ways to add it to your space in bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms.

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