10 Creative Uses for Chalkboard Paint

Pinterest's favorite paint has more uses than you might think!

Chalkboard paint is probably the best thing since sliced bread. The ability to make pretty much anything into a chalkboard makes my creative gears spin, but after you've painted your spectacular chalkboard masterpiece, what do you do with all that leftover paint? Here are a few neat ideas you may not have thought of!

10. Busy Box for Kids

Dukes and Duchesses

If you've never heard the term, a busy box is pretty much what it sounds like: a box full of activities to keep kiddos busy. You can take it on road trips or to doctor appointments or wherever you may find yourself with a bored wiggle worm. Paint the inside and/or lid of any tin box and fill the rest up with chalk and letter magnets. The kids can color on the chalkboard, and the magnets will stick to the tin!

9. Decoratively Label Spices and Dry Goods


Of course you can keep all your spices and dry goods in the containers they come in, but if you've got time and a type A personality, your pantry is probably more organized and aesthetically pleasing than that. You can get glass jars from places like Ikea, or simply use large mason jars. You can paint the lids if you store the jars low enough to read the tops, or outline a square with painter's tape and paint a label on the glass itself.

8. Create Plant Markers for the Garden

Best Friends for Frosting/Irene's Closet

Does anyone really like the look of those little plastic triangles that come with the vegetables at the nursery? I think not. You can use old spoons or even popsicle sticks to design a plant marker for your garden that will be useful as well as attractive. All you have to do is dip them in the chalkboard paint and then set them somewhere to dry. On this project it would be best to use a paint marker to write with, rather than a chalk marker, since the chalk could wash off in the rain or when the garden gets watered.

7. Chore Charts

chore charts

Chore charts are a great way to teach your kids responsibility, but if laminated card-stock and stickers aren't your thing, you might want to consider making a chore chart using an old baking sheet and some chalkboard paint. Magnets with each chore move easily on the charts, and there is no clean up or replacement necessary when chores change or charts need to be passed from an older sibling to the next youngest.

6. Lunchbox Message Board

Pinterest/Scissors and Spatulas

If your child has a metal lunch box (which are coming back in style and are increasingly easier to find these days), you can paint the inside of the lid and leave him or her a little message every day! Even if your child is too young to read, they'll still understand hearts and smiley faces, and know that they are loved.

5. Drinking Glass Labels

Pinterest/Just Short of Crazy

Having a dinner party? Sure, you could bust out those tiny little wine glass charms, but they fall off, and frankly, after a few I can never remember which one was mine anyway. Chalkboard paint to the rescue! Dip the stem or glass bottom (up to about 1/3 of the glass, to leave a surface for writing) in chalk board paint and leave it out to dry. When your guests arrive, hand them some chalk with their drink so they can write their names on it to avoid mix-ups at your mixer!

4. Redo an Old Crock Pot

Bright Green Door

Kitchen designs go in and out of fashion faster than crock pots break, which is why so many people end up with dated looking appliances. Or possibly, you inherited your mom's old crock pot when you got your first apartment. Whatever the reason, you can update that old thing by painting over the floral design with chalkboard paint. Then, when you host a Super Bowl party, you can write "Queso" on the outside, and your guests won't have to wonder what is that delicious, cheesy dip they're eating.

3. Coffee Table Chalkboard

Offbeat Families/Jill of Most Trades

Don't get rid of that ugly old coffee table just yet, it may have another purpose. Just paint a couple of layers of chalkboard paint over the top and let your kids get creative on it! Clean up is a breeze and it's good for the environment too, since you're not having to throw away a lot of paper.

2. Name Tag Chairs

Chalkboard Paint Chair Back
Lovely Etc.


No more fighting over where to sit at dinner time! Paint your chair backs with chalkboard paint and label each child's name on his or her chair. It's cute, and it will help lessen the stress of meals. It's great at birthday parties too!

1. Reusable Gift Tags


Probably one of the biggest wastes of money around the holiday season is gift tags. You can buy the little self-adhesive ones, but they're tiny, and any bag you stick them to can never be reused. Simply cut some cardboard in the shape of a tag, and paint a rectangle of chalkboard paint on one side to create a beautiful and reusable gift tag that will leave a lasting impression. To reuse them, use a baby wipe or moist paper towel to wipe the chalk off.

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10 Creative Uses for Chalkboard Paint