$25 Bug Vacuum Is the Humane Way To Put Creepy Crawly Pests Back Outside

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No matter where I'm at in my home, I am always on pest control duty. If my wife is three rooms away and hollers that she's facing off with a stink bug, I'm springing into action. She's a peaceful woman, but even the lone creepy crawler looks like an infestation to her. If I'm not around to save the critters, she's quick to become an insect killer if she needs to. I'm beginning to think that a bug vacuum might be useful.

When I'm not writing, I'm farming, and if there's something that I've learned from farming, it's that we shouldn't blindly kill bugs. Yes, they're a little bit gross sometimes, and yes, they move and sound the worst ways. But not all bugs are bad! Most bugs serve a larger purpose in our ecosystems, from pollinating our food to keeping a check on the real pest species (looking at you, palmetto bugs).

Once you accept how important bugs are, you can next consider dropping the fly swatter in place of a cordless vacuum meant to catch and release bugs back into the wild. A bug vac can help you save lives (and keep your partner happy) all at the same time.

Best Bug Vacuum of 2021

Nature Bound Bug Catcher Toy, Eco-Friendly Bug Vacuum, Catch and Release Indoor/Outdoor Play

  • $25
  • LED light and magnifying glass examination chamber
  • Non-rechargeable operates on AA batteries
  • 30-day warranty

If the Nature Bound bug Catcher Vacuum looks like a kid's toy, that's because it is. However, many of the 1,500+ reviewers have noted that this top-selling handheld vacuum cleaner has a bigger purpose than just being a tool for a kid's curious experiments. This little wonder toy has strong suction power capable of capturing bugs and moving them to wherever you're not. Like back outside, for example.

... Or into the toilet. You can always work on how to handle the bugs after they're caught. For now, let's focus on how to catch them.

As this next reviewer notes, sucking up the bugs is fairly easy. Just point and pull the trigger like a regular vacuum slurping up dust. An LED flashlight helps you illuminate the invading insect because what's scarier than a bug that's out of eyesight? Once you've got the crawlers sucked up, a trap door flips your target creature into the viewing chamber, where you can inspect them through the magnifier, release them, or do whatever you have to.

Nature Bound Bug Catcher Toy, Eco-Friendly Bug Vacuum, Catch and Release Indoor/Outdoor Play

One of the coolest things about the Nature Bound Bug Vac is that it comes with a carabiner belt clip. Keep your sidearm on you at all times because this is the Wild West, and these bugs are lawless! Your weapon may work great against big pests, but it won't solve any problems with little creatures like bed bugs or dust mites. If you've got tiny bugs, then you may need serious help.

Then again, if you need something more serious than an insect vacuum, there are options! Skip the bug vacuum and get rid of your creepy crawlies with a high-powered bug zapper on Amazon. If you've got serious pest problems, then call a professional!