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This Kitchen Vacuum Picks up What Your Dustpan Can't

Growing up, when I had to choose between sweeping or mopping, I always chose to mop. I hated sweeping, not because I hated household work, but because it felt like it was impossible to get every spec of food off the floor. Crumbs and small pieces of Capri sun straw wraps just would never stay in the dustpan.

Oh, don't get me started on hair. I have curly hair, and we shed as much as dogs. It's an understatement to say sweeping the bathroom floor spotless of hair is time-consuming. If you struggle from the same sweeping pains like me, you'll love the Sweepovac kitchen vacuum. Throw away your regular dustpan and replace it with a new kitchen floor vacuum system that removes dirt in a breeze.

Sweepovac Built-in Kitchen Vacuum

The toe kick vacuum system can be installed in any kitchen island or modular. The dimensions of the vacuum cleaner are 14-7/8? wide x 4 1/2? tall. Install it in your kitchen for the quickest pesky dirt clean up. All you need to do is sweep your pile of dirt and crumbs near the vacuum system. Its strong suction will pick up dirt that your broom and dustpan couldn't.

If you're thinking about a Roomba over a cabinet vacuum, I don't blame you. Although, there's no way I'm going to cook, leave a kitchen mess and just wait for a robot vacuum to clean it all up. I want all spices and floor sweepings off the kitchen floor ASAP.

As I said, sweeping isn't a hard task. It takes no time to sweep up pet hair and crumbs. What times time is sweeping dirt into your dustpan 5 times before you realize there's just going to be pesky dirt stuck around the bottom of the cabinets.

Installing a kitchen vacuum cleaner takes up to 30 minutes, and there's no loss of space. An incredible perk is that it comes with anti-bacterial bags. The bags will fight off odor, which means you won't be filling your kitchen trashcan up with as much smelly trash. Since you won't be able to smell when you need to install a replacement bag, there's a bag full indicator light to let you know it's time for a new vacuum bag.

Customer reviews for the Sweepovax kitchen vacuum system are helpful and positive. Many customers are giving installation tips.

The sleek design is perfect for all kitchens. If you find yourself constantly at war with your dustpan, it's time for an easy cleanup method with a Sweepovac kitchen vacuum. This central vacuum system has a post-motor filter that will leave you with a spotless floor.

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