This Lemon Cleaner Is Super Effective and You Can Easily Make It at Home

Next time you head to the grocery store and need some household cleaning spray, opt for the produce section.

The gurus at Green Renaissance offer up an ingenious alternative to conventional cleaning spray with their homemade lemon cleaner. To get stared crafting this simple cleaning solution, pick up some lemons, rosemary and vinegar -- that is, if you don't already have some laying around.

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From there, the recipe is pretty self-explanatory: Place the fresh sprigs of rosemary and lemon peels in a container. The video features a medium-sized glass jar, with abut 3/4 of its volume filled with the herb and fruit. Filling the container to the brim, add one part water and one part vinegar. The last step is a waiting game as you'll need to let the fragrant mixture "steep" for two weeks.

Base the amount of rosemary and lemon you pick up on the desired cleaner batch size. From the looks of it, you only need one large lemon and a single package of rosemary to craft the amount in the video. Add a tiny spoon-full of vanilla extract for fragrance or think of an alternative if you're brave enough. Just make sure you have an appropriate cleaner dispenser to store the finished product when it's ready.

Made from just a few natural ingredients, homemade lemon cleaner is in fact a cleaner alternative to what we're used to. See how powerful (and fragrant) nature can be will a simple batch of your own.

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This Lemon Cleaner Is Super Effective and You Can Easily Make It at Home