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5 Belt Buckles for Men That Will Buck up Any Cowboy's Style


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Belts are often not men's accessories that get a lot of thought. Unless your wardrobe is centered around workwear and Western-style, that is. You don't have to be a cowgirl to appreciate the need for a quality, genuine leather belt. But, we all know that belts need something to keep them up. Trust these filigree belt buckles for men to do the job. Whether you're shopping for yourself or looking at a gift for someone else, these choices are what you need. After all, a good belt buckle is as important as proper western boot care for your Tony Lamas (and they can add to your style too). These options last the whole eight seconds, and then some.

We rounded up belt buckles that are perfect for hard-working ranch hands, fearless bull riders, and everyday wear. These belt buckles are affordable, but don't lack quality. Grab a belt buckle that becomes part of your unique style. Not everyone puts a on a nice western buckle everyday, so let this staple accessory make you unique, whether you're going to a rodeo, stepping out to dinner (or the bar), or going to work. Belt buckles aren't just about looking like a real cowboy though. They can be sentimental. Take good care of your belt buckles and pass them on to the next generation. Consider custom engraving for a one-of-a-kind belt buckle. They make great birthday and holiday gifts.

1. Our Top Pick

Nocona Crumrine Silver Bison Scalloped Men's Belt Buckle - Amazon, $20

This antique silver buckle features an inlay of America's native herbivore: the Great Plains Bison. However, the buckle itself isn't indigenous to the USA and is imported. Regardless of that fact, you can still count on the quality of the nickel and & lead-free material. Thanks to the swivel back fastening, this belt is ready to attach to your favorite Nocona belt. Although it's made for men, a reviewer says it can be a unisex accessory or gift for your favorite girl. You may want to get clear on whose belt buckle this is.


It's lead and nickel-free, and made of 96% zinc and 4% aluminum. Be sure to wash it by hand with water only.

2. Best Buckle for the Patriot

M&F Western Belt Buckle God Bless America USA Buckle - Amazon, $16.50

This soaring eagle belt buckle comes from the famed country apparel company M&F Western. An American flag fastening shows your patriotic pride every time you put on pants. The buckle will fit a 2-inch wide belt, although that part isn't included. That's not such a bad thing, though, especially if you're looking to style up your favorite Roper belt. It's a silver buckle, but has a gold-toned "God Bless America" banner. The color combo makes this a great addition to almost any belt color.

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3. Best Cowboy Buckle

Ariat Men's Rectangle Texas Longhorn Cowboy Belt Buckle - Amazon, $25

Every Texas rodeo fan or cowboy needs a longhorn buckle, and this sterling silver option from Ariat is a great choice at a great price. Ariat is a well-regarded Western apparel brand that deals in quality products. The craftsmanship is noticeable with this belt buckle. The silver-tone belt clips easily onto most belts.


4. Best Buckle for Bull Riders

Montana Silversmiths Ranch Rodeo Series Bull Rider Attitude Buckle Western Belt Buckle - Amazon, $50

Montana Silversmiths buckles are Made in USA products that are as American as your favorite bull rider. This antiqued fastener features a detailed berry edge around various parts of the oval shape, but the real eye-catcher is the inlaid gems that add a pop of color. You can trust a Montana Silversmith buckle to last under the most strenuous conditions. The two-toned gold and silver platings have a tarnish-proof Armour Protective Finish that will last for years to come.

5. Best Buckle for the Minimalist

Stylish Stainless-Steel Belt Buckle Nickel Free 100-Year Warranty - Amazon, $9.99

Not all Western belts have to be concho-style. Even Dale Brisby wears a simple buckle every now and then. If you're looking for a more toned-down accessory to pair with your cowboy hat and work boots, this stainless-steel buckle will do the trick. VP Leather believes so strongly in this work belt that it comes with a 100-year warranty. Put it to the test!

Every man needs a good belt buckle. If you're shopping for a special occasion, consider these quality accessories. They're more original than a gift card and a lot longer lasting too.

This post was originally published on July 5, 2021.


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