Budweiser Father's Day
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Watch Budweiser's Moving Commercial Celebrating Stepdads

Leave it to Budweiser to consistently produce commercials that hit you right in the heart. The company's 2019 Father's Day ad is no exception. The short film features stories from real-life stepchildren and stepdads, focusing on the close relationships they've built over the years.

"On a day when the world celebrates fathers, Budweiser wants to shine an unexpected light on fatherhood," Monica Rustgi, Vice President of Marketing for Budweiser, said in an emailed statement to USA Today.

The video shows how each of the stepfathers changed the lives of the children they helped parent.

In the video, stepdaughter Shaelyn shares that, as a little girl, she may not have been the easiest kid to deal with.

"When I met Paul 28 years ago, I was a fiery little... brat," Shealyn said, laughing.

Her stepfather said he knew to be patient and remained confident that their relationship would become stronger in time.

"As a stepfather, you have boundaries. The relationship develops overtime," Randy explained. "I just took things day by day and we grew as a family."

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Stepson Victor shared that he didn't have a close relationship with his father growing up, so his stepdad Mark showed him what a dad really is.

"Watching Victor grow, watching the person he's become, has been amazing," Mark said. "To think that maybe I've had a little bit of influence on that has been awesome."

If that wasn't already sweet enough, each of the children surprised their stepdads by asking them to legally adopt them. As expected, each of the men is overwhelmed with emotion. For these dads, it's the greatest Father's Day gift of all.

The touching video isn't just the latest advertising campaign for the King of Beers. Budweiser pledged to donate $1 to the Stepfamily Foundation for every comment on the film on social media.

This article was originally published in June of 2019.

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