10 Country Songs to Honor Dad on Father's Day

Country songs always seem to find a way to express the words we aren't always able to find. So this Father's Day, if you can't find the right card or the right gift, here are 10 songs that perfectly describe everything we love about dear old dad.

10. "A Father's Love" -- Bucky Covington

Actions speak louder than words in this song about a son who learns that saying "I love you" doesn't always mean saying those three words out loud.

9. "Drive (For Daddy Gene)" -- Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson's song "Drive," is about capturing memories that are remembered long after the moments are gone and passed down to the next generation.

8. "He Didn't Have To Be" -- Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley's "He Didn't Have to Be" is a song for all of those stepdads who stepped up to the plate and loved a child as if they were their own.

7. "Just Fishin'" -- Trace Adkins

This Trace Adkins song is a sentimental story about how children learn and grow through the little moments in life.  It's a song about cherishing the time you have before they become memories.

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6. "Love Without End, Amen" -- George Strait

George Strait's "Love Without End, Amen" is the true depiction of what a father is. He is a man who teaches and loves endlessly as a child grows and learns no matter how many mistakes they may make.

5. "In My Arms" -- Mark Wills

Mark Wills' "In My Arms" is a beautiful song about a father cherishing the moments he's able to hold his little girl before she grows up and finds her happily ever after.

4. "That's My Job" -- Conway Twitty

Here's an emotional song about a son who has a dream about losing his father. When he asks what he would do without his dad, Conway Twitty's response is, "that's my job."

3. "The Best Day" - George Strait

Another great song about dads from George Strait. "The Best Day" is a song told through the eyes of a child. It focuses on the big moments in that boys share with their fathers.

2. "Watching You" - Rodney Atkins

There's no one a young boy would rather look up to than his father. In "Watching You," Rodney Atkins portrays a fun and carefree relationship between a father and a son who likes to copy everything he does, both good and bad.

It's a great song that shines a light on the how hard fathers can be on themselves as a role model. Sometimes dads judge themselves for what they do wrong, but this song shows that, in the midst of all of it, there is a lot they're doing right.

1. "Daddy's Hands," Holly Dunn

Holly Dunn's beautiful 1986 hit "Daddy's Hands" remains one of the most moving tunes about a father's love.

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10 Country Songs to Honor Dad on Father's Day