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Brett Eldredge Serenades TikTok Fans With Acapella Version of 'Where Do I Sign'

Brett Eldredge is one of the latest country stars to connect with fans via TikTok, sharing a sneak peek of his daily life and time on tour. Since releasing his successful debut album Bring You Back in 2013, the singer has earned five No.1 Billboard Country Airplay hits and even won a CMA Award for Best New Artist.

The country singer recently released his seventh studio album, Songs About You, on June 17, 2022, which was an instant hit for fans and critics. Debuting at No. 16 on the US Billboard Top Country Album, the country-pop record definitely made its way online, especially on TikTok with fans covering songs and using them in the background. But, it's Eldredge who has been having the most fun, covering songs and sharing acoustic versions of the songs.


and dont forget it! #WhereDoISign #acapella

? Where Do I Sign - Brett Eldredge

"I've been this vocalist for a long time, but there is always a place for me to grow, to get my vocal out there more than it has been," Eldredge told Billboard about the album. "Those songs are part of me, and that's what I want my music to do for listeners. Songs About You is me finding my confidence in myself. I'm owning who I am now and these lyrics and my vocal," Eldredge says. "I think people are going to notice a profound difference."

The singer has repeatedly stated that it took him several years to find his voice, and has learned to make music that fans can connect with. "As a creator, you hope that the music you're making is important to somebody, and that it's profound and it can change lives. That's what I always hoped I could do, because music has changed my life in so many ways." he told PEOPLE,

Taking advantage of TikTok, the country singer has been promoting the album, giving us unheard versions of songs, including a beautiful acapella rendition of "Where Do I Sign." Eldredge starts the video saying, "Alright, remember this," as he takes a step back and takes a deep breath.


Throwback to recording #SongsAboutYou in the studio! What?s your favorite lyric? #newmusic

? Songs About You - Brett Eldredge

His bold vocals definitely make you swoon, as he sings, "Baby, you're perfect, you don't need fixin'// You need a real man to hold you and listen/ You can be you, I'll just be me/ We'll come together whenever you need/ I'll give you space, but I'll cross your mind/ Pour on the heat whenever it's time/ And if you're looking' for someone to put it all on the line/ Tell me, baby, where do I sign?"

Needless to say, the video went viral, with fans begging the singer to make more acapella and acoustic videos of the songs off the album. One user commented, "Can you do more of these videos? I love it when you sing acapella," while another noted, "This man can sing the phone book to me and I'd melt! ❤️"

I agree with his fans, I think we need acapella versions of the other songs as well!

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