The 6 Best Breland Songs, So Far

Dierks Bentley (L) and Breland perform during the 55th annual Country Music Association awards at the Bridgestone Arena on November 10, 2021 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images)

Singer-songwriter Breland rose to country music fame after his country-rap influenced song, "My Truck," went viral on social media. Since then, the Georgetown University graduate, who worked his way up the musical ranks in Atlanta, has released several more singles, two EPs and collaborations with some of Nashville's biggest stars. The brand new artist has also collected other honors within country music, including performing on the CMA Awards and making his Grand Ole Opry debut in November 2021. Breland undoubtedly has a long and successful path ahead of him in country music, and here are 6 of his best songs, so far.

1. "My Truck"

The song that started it all for new artist Breland is "My Truck," his debut single that some would call "country-trap," in which the New Jersey-born vocalist sings of the pride one has for his truck. The song clearly has diverse influences and it was the first tune to truly establish Breland in mainstream country music as the talented songwriter and artist he is. The tune gained prominence on social media apps such as TikTok, and it landed at No. 24 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. It has since been certified Platinum. Breland also recorded a remix with country superstar, Sam Hunt.

2. "Cross Country"

Breland continued his country music career with the autobiographical "Cross Country," which not only describes his musical style, but also his journey to becoming an artist. In the tune, Breland sings about his upbringing in New Jersey and the path he took to find where he belongs. Sonically, the song exemplifies his musical style with country guitar mixed with light beats and his soulful voice. The song's music video is also memorable, as it features the singer imagining what his life would be like had he not gone into music. Breland gave this song new life when he recorded a collaboration version with Mickey Guyton.

3. "In The Woulds"

His viral hit, "My Truck," wasn't the only successful song Breland released early in his career. He also recorded "In The Woulds" with country stars Chase Rice and Lauren Alaina. The song came about after Breland hosted the #BrelandVerseChallenge on his social media accounts, during which he encouraged songwriters to contribute a verse to a song. The tune again features Breland's unique musical style, and it was included on his 2020 BRELAND EP. 

4. "High Horse"

As Breland continued gaining popularity, he also continued to collaborate with big-time artists. In the summer of 2021, he teamed up with Grammy-winning rapper Nelly and country artist Blanco Brown to release "High Horse." The tune was another one that continued bringing Breland to the top.

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5. "Beers On Me"

Breland took part in another all-star collaboration when he was tapped by Dierks Bentley for his 2021 single, "Beers On Me." In the tune, Bentley, Breland and fellow new artist Hardy sing about a stress-free weekend night with friends and plenty of beer. The song is a classic, feel-good country anthem, and it landed at No. 22 on the US Country chart. Breland also performed the song with Bentley and Hardy on the 2021 CMA Awards.

6. "Throw It Back"

As if collaborating with Sam Hunt, Dierks Bentley, Nelly and Mickey Guyton wasn't enough, Breland added another superstar collaboration to his resumé in 2021 with "Throw It Back," featuring Keith Urban. In this R&B-inspired country song, Breland sings about a night out at a bar where he throws back a few drinks and hopes the woman he's interested in reciprocates his feelings for her. This song peaked just within the Top 40 on the Country charts.


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The 6 Best Breland Songs, So Far