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Tina Knowles Reacts to Beyoncé's Country Critics, Shares Family's Long Celebration of Cowboy Culture

"In Texas there is a huge Black cowboy culture."

Beyoncé may be just beginning her new venture in country music, but according to her mom Tina Knowles, she has always been country. Beyoncé grew up in Houston, Texas, which already gives her a leg up in the country world, and Tina recently took to social media to reveal that Beyoncé and the rest of their family have treasured the country lifestyle since her youth.

Alongside a video showing various photos of Beyoncé in Western wear, Tina elaborated on their love of cowboy culture. The photos include Beyoncé's Texas Monthly cover from 2004, which finds her in Willie Nelson-inspired garb. Other photos show Beyoncé donning cowboy hats in her early career.

"We have always celebrated Cowboy Culture growing up in Texas," Tina writes alongside the video. "We also always understood that it was not just about it belonging to White culture only. In Texas there is a huge Black cowboy culture. Why do you think that my kids have integrated it into their fashion and art since the beginning."

She continued, addressing people who are surprised to see Beyoncé touting a Western-themed wardrobe.

"When people ask why is Beyonce wearing cowboy hats? It's really funny, I actually laugh because it's been there since she was a kid," she says. "We went to rodeos every year and my whole family dressed in western fashion."

Tina also cites the album When I Get Home by Solange Knowles (Beyoncé's younger sister), which celebrates Black cowboy culture.

"It definitely was a part of our culture growing up," Tina concludes.

Tina's statement comes after Beyoncé released two country songs, "Texas Hold 'Em" and "16 Carriages," on Feb. 11. There is likely more country-infused music coming from the superstar on her upcoming album, Act II, out on March 29.

Beyoncé's foray into country music has resulted in divisive reactions from some country fans, but so far, country artists themselves are more than happy to welcome the former Destiny's Child singer. Both Dolly Parton and Lainey Wilson recently commented on their excitement for Beyoncé's arrival into the genre.

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