THE VOICE -- "The Playoffs Part 3" Episode 2419 -- Pictured: Azán -
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How Long-Eliminated Azán Made It Back to Team Legend

Azán went from watching 'The Voice' at home to this season's Top 12.

Thanks to the new Super Save wrinkle to "The Voice's" formula, Azán went from watching the series from home in Dallas to the Top 12.

Tuesday's (Nov. 28) episode began with John Legend cashing in his Super Save, which allowed him to add any previously-eliminated Season 24 contestant to his team.

"Azán's voice is silky smooth. She has a really soulful, neo-soul vibe," Legend said (as quoted by NBC). "But also, she's my favorite live performer out of all my Artists, so I had to bring her back to Team Legend with my Super Save."

Azán joined Team Legend during the Blinds but was stolen by Niall Horan in the Battles round.

To make the most of a second chance, Azán sang Miguel's "Adorn."

"The song is about making somebody feel even more beautiful than they already are by loving them," she said (as quoted by NBC). "I know with my spouse, I want them to feel like they're on top of the world all the time. As an artist, I'm a big lyricist. I'm all about falling in love and passionate, soulful songs. I just want to showcase that to the world, I want people to feel me when I sing this song."

Azán's performance earned perfect marks from Legend.

"That was literally perfect," he said. "There is nothing that I would edit [or] change, and I'm always editing and changing. For you to completely nail it A-plus-plus, 100 percent, you just made a great statement for yourself. You are formidable, undeniable. You are a real talent, and I am so impressed with you."

Horan was just as impressed by his former charge.

"That was your best performance by miles," Horan said. "I'm so glad that John had the Super Save and you're still here. The runs... so tasteful. Wow, just woo!"

Azán joins Lila Forde and Mac Royals as Team Legend's representatives in the lives.

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