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The Loves of Kid Rock's Life, From Pamela Anderson to Audrey Berry

Kid Rock is definitely used to being in the limelight. Whether it's unapologetically discussing his opinions on politics or collaborating with superstars like Sheryl Crow, he makes headlines left and right. His love life has long been a conversation in the press as he has been romantically linked to numerous high-profile partners over the years. 

From ex-wife Pamela Anderson to current love Audrey Berry, here is a closer look at all of the leading ladies from Kid Rock's life.

Kelley South Russell

The rocker's first love was childhood sweetheart, Kelley, whom he met growing up in the suburbs of Detroit. The couple was in an on again off again relationship for a decade and she even gave birth to his only child, Robert James Ritchie Jr. in 1993. For the most part, Kid Rock raised his son by himself, but after a child custody suit when Robert Jr was little, he allowed his ex to see their son more often. It must have been a tough thing raising a young child while pursuing a music career, but Kid Rock pulled it off!

Jaime King

audrey berry

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In 2000, Rolling Stone reported that Kid Rock was dating model and actress Jaime King, known for her role in Hart of Dixie. Kid Rock fans know that the performer clearly had a thing for blondes for a while and apparently, women named Jaime?

Jaime Pressly

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In 2004, the country music rocker was linked to My Name Is Earl actress, Jaime Pressly. They apparently split due to crazy schedules, but Pressly told Us Weekly that they remained close after the split.

"We're both working a lot, and I can't fly across the country and give up everything," she explained. "But we're still best friends, and we talk every day. Maybe someday we'll get married!"

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Pamela Anderson

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In 2001, Kid Rock started dating Baywatch star, Pamela Anderson. They were engaged the following year but later broke up. After the split, the cowboy rocker was linked to Jaime Pressly. But Anderson and Kid Rick got back together and tied the knot in 2006. Later that year, the TV star filed for divorce after suffering a miscarriage. According to an interview with actor Sacha Baron Cohen, who acted with Anderson in his film Borat, the couple broke up after a screening of the film. Kid Rock was apparently upset with his wife and Baron Cohen in the film and she told the actor via text that they were getting a divorce as a result.

"And I thought it was a joke, but then a few weeks later they got divorced and they put as a reason for divorce, 'Borat,' " Baron Cohen told USA Today.

It seems like there was consistently bad blood between the couple as Kid Rock later got into an altercation with his ex-wife's next ex-husband, Tommy Lee, and received assault charges.

Audrey Berry

According to The Detroit Free Press, Kid Rock met his longtime girlfriend Audrey Berry for the first time shortly after his divorce from Pamela Anderson in 2007. After a decade together, it was confirmed that they were engaged when Berry was seen sporting a diamond ring at Kid Rock's Chillin' the Most cruise in 2017. The paper also reported that they had kept their relationship low key because Berry wasn't used to his high profile lifestyle.

"This is somebody who is not a celebrity. It can really be a tough thing to deal with," he told Piers Morgan in 2011. "I'm thinking of somebody else, trying not to be so selfish."

While you won't be seeing much of Berry on Kid Rock's social media, she did appear in photos with the rocker on their visit to see President Trump at the White House, where Sarah Palin was also present.

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